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Impact Spoilers for This Thursday (February 18th)

Read below for spoilers for this Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact. Click the ‘Show’ link to read:

* Tara defeats Daffney by disqualification in a Non Title Match. Daffney got disqualfied after hitting Tara with a tool box. Daffney continued to attack Tara and put a guardrail on top of Tara and hit the guardrail repeatedly with a chair. This continued until Stevie Richards took Daffney to the back.

• • •

* Xplosion Match: TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Awesome Kong and Hamada defeated Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne (with Lacey Von Erich) when Kong pinned Velvet after hitting the Implant Buster. (Source: PWInsider)

Thoughts after the cut:

Melanie’s Thoughts
For the first time since the Hogan administration began, I feel like we’re seeing [well reading] a semblance of what the Knockouts division once was. Dear Lord, please let this be the start of a Daffney push! I’d absolutely love to see a feud between Tara and Daffney who have both played the ‘crazy bitch’ role. This sounds like an amazing segment on paper, I can’t wait to see it on TV.


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