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Impact Spoilers for Thursday Night (May 28, 2009)

As we all know, the Vicious Vixen, Victoria makes her TNA debut this Thursday night on Impact. Find out how she does it by highlighting the text below:

Angelina Love d. Sojo Bolt in a Knockout Championship match. Cute Kip, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky also made their return here. After the match, Angelina got on the mic and asked Kip why he was still hanging out with them. She fired him a long time ago and only brought him back to take out Kong, which he couldn’t do. She has security force him to leave the ring. Angelina then talks about how she’s beaten Kong and how she needs someone new to face, which leads to Victoria’s entrance. She gets in the ring and takes out Madison and Velvet before hitting a crazy Widow’s Peak on Angelina. Madison and Velvet drag Angelina out of the ring and take her up the ramp while Victoria (who looked fantastic, BTW) gets on the mic. She’s accepting Angelina’s challenge.

Thoughts under the cut:

Melanie’s Opinion
Congratulations TNA, you’ve proven me wrong. Extremely solid booking here, you’ve identified one of our most beloved Divas as a major babyface and a top title contender from the get-go. Consider me sold, I’ll definitely be watching – and reviewing – Impact this week.

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