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Impact Spoilers for Thursday Night: September 3rd, 2009

Spoilers for this week’s show are now out, courtesy of our new TNA tapings correspondent Camden! From now on, Diva Dirt will be your first stop for TNA spoilers, as we’ll have them before anywhere else. We’ll also have more match detail than any other site–no simple, single-lined results here! The show airs September 3rd on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

EDIT: More spoilers added.

Impact - September 3rd, 2009
Knockouts Tag Title Tournament match
Sojo Bolt & Hamada vs. Tara & Christy Hemme
Hamada and Tara lock up as each woman equally dominates the other. Hamada tags in Sojo. Tara puts Hemme up on her shoulders and uses her.

Tara tags in Hemme as Sojo dominates and brings Hemme in for a head lock. She gives a quick tag back to Hamada. Sojo continues to dominate Christy and she finally crawls over for the quick tag to Tara. Tara takes Sojo down with a kick to the face and covers her. Hamada breaks up the count at 2.

Tara hits the Widows Peak to get the 3 count. As Tara and Hemme celebrate Hamada grabs Sojo and hits her with the Hamada Driver.
Winners – Tara & Christy Hemme

Knockouts Tag Title Tournament match
Daffney & Alissa Flash vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde
Daffney and Alissa flash come out first, unfortunately not much of a reception for this team. Sarita and Taylor Wilde come out and at the top of the ramp do a cute little sister sorority-type hand shake.

Taylor and Alyssa start off. Taylor starts to dominate but Alissa quickly shows her strength. This match is demonstrating what he knockouts are about. Clean power moves tight submission holds…match is moving pretty fast. Sarita and Taylor are on he same page and make a great team.

Sarita gets the pin on Flash and moves on with her new found partner Taylor Wilde.
Winners – Sarita & Taylor Wilde

Knockouts Tag Title Tournament match
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne & Roxxi
Beautiful People come out first. They have a poster with the Beautiful People including Madison and they
tear her off.

Madison comes out with new gear and a new entrance and introduces her tag partner… Roxxi! I personally am a huge gear mark, so I wil include that she looks AMAZING. Her hair is growing out, she’s wearing a 2-piece shirt set. It’s red, white, black, and silver with stars.

Match isn’t much to write home about unfortunately. Maybe 4 minutes of some quick exchanges.

Velvet grabs Roxxi by her legs pullin her out of the ring. Madison and Angelina are in the ring, Roxxi can’t make it back in to save Madison and Angel gets the pin.
Winners – The Beautiful People

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Lots (and lots!) of Knockout action this week! Here’s hoping these matches deliver and the teams have chemistry, as slapdash as some of them seem.

I hope Roxxi’s back in TNA for more than just the tournament because if that was it, that was a short-lived return.

With them booking three tournament matches in this one show, they’re burning through this pretty quick. At this pace, it’s looking like the finals will take place at No Surrender on September 20th.

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