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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: June 1st, 2017

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Allie is action against a debuting Amber Nova.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s show below:

From the very first day she appeared on IMPACT Wrestling last year, Allie has been a shining light of positivity and happiness for the promotion. She is one of the most beloved Knockouts in the locker room today, and consistently gets loud chants and support from the fans, but her road to becoming an adored Knockout was not paved in gold.

Fans first became familiar with Allie when she affiliated herself with Maria Kanellis Bennett as her apprentice. Maria proved to be a horrible boss, as she verbally and physically berated Allie on a regular basis for almost a year. To add salt to her wounds, Maria would also frequently humiliate and belittle her. Maria’s treatment of Allie is what made fans take notice of the up and comer, as they offered support to build her confidence to leave the toxic situation.

Little by little, you could see glimpses that Allie would eventually leave Maria and her posse to pursue her real dream – to wrestle! She even won the Knockouts Championship and held the Title for a brief period, although it was won by a fluke accident inside the six-sided ring, much to the chagrin of Maria.

However, the situation that lead to Allie’s eventual separation from the poisonous relationship was her love for fellow wrestler, Braxton Sutter. It has been apparent that Braxton and Allie have had an undeniable chemistry since the day he started helping her train, but Maria refused to see Allie happy and in love, so she meddled and inserted Laurel Van Ness into the picture… and we all know how that turned out.

Allie became her own person that day and we have seen her become stronger and more confident each week. She will be competing in a singles match this week and we can’t wait to see her progression as a wrestler on display. It’s been a long road to becoming an official Knockout and the journey isn’t over, but Allie has the fans hearts and has overcome quite a bit of obstacles already. She has the resiliency and the determination that it takes to become a legendary Knockout, but most importantly, she has a heart of gold and she will always remain true to herself.

Watch a few bits of the Team Vision Dojo / I Believe in Wrestling School graduate below:

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!.

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