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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: May 10th, 2018

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the newest addition to the Knockouts division Tessa Blanchard takes the spotlight.

Read‘s preview of tonight’s show below:

When Tessa Blanchard made her debut on IMPACT Wrestling it was live on Pay Per View at Redemption. Tessa sat down at commentary and told the world how she feels. In summation, Tessa is qualified for Knockouts gold now, Pro Wrestling is in her DNA and Tessa is Forever.

The general feeling of Tessa Blanchard is that she is confident, she doesn’t hold back her opinion and she really is as talented as she thinks she is. Tessa is a Star and she knows it.

Tessa has made sure to let Knockouts like Kiera Hogan know that Tessa isn’t here to make friends, she is here to win Championship gold.

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling we are poised to yet again here from the Third Generation Tessa Blanchard and we are sure she will again hold nothing back. What does the future hold for Tessa? If you ask Tessa Blanchard it is multiple Knockouts Championships and seemingly whatever else Tessa wants to do with her career. She has already accomplished so much on the independent wrestling scene that her confidence is at an all time high and isn’t backing down from any claim she has made in the past.

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