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NXT: 05/09/18 – Kai backs down, Chaos reappears

Hey guys! First off I’d like to apologize for getting this entry published a little later than usual. I had a final this morning that I wanted to make sure I took care of. But enough about me and my lame school life. Let’s jump into this week’s episode!

On this week’s installment of NXT, Dakota Kai and Vanessa Borne squared off in singles action. This match comes as a result of a verbal altercation that took place last week between these two competitors. In addition to Kai and Borne’s match, we saw the continuation of Baszler’s bullying towards Kai, as well as the reappearance of a familiar face.

Kai started the match off strong with a dropkick. After missing a corner attack however, Vanessa Borne was able to take advantage by slamming Kai to the mat. Kai was able to regain advantage however, using her arsenal of vicious kicks and knees to make a comeback and win the match.

Following the win, Shayna Baszler made her way down to ringside, leaving Kai petrified in the corner. While Shayna initially walked over towards Kai, she ended up placing Vanessa Borne in her signature choke hold. Kai, still in a shock, eventually stumbled her way up the ramp while Baszler stared her down.

Following the match, Cathy Kelley was shown waiting backstage for Kai. When asked by Kelley why she gets so afraid, Kai is unable to give Kelley an answer. Baszler then walks through the curtains. Baszler tries getting Kai to kick or her do anything. Kai ultimately does nothing while Baszler walks away. Kai then hears laughter off in the distance. That laughter ends up belonging to Nikki Cross, whose hanging off a steel structure.

Thoughts: The segment between Baszler and Kai kind of reminds me of the scenario that went down between Kharma and Kelly Kelly years ago. Similar to how Kharma stared down Kelly but did nothing or would attack other people, Baszler opted to choke out Borne in an attempt to play mind games with Kai. I like this direction that they’re taking, and I appreciate that they have kept this story going between Kai and Baszler. My ultimate hope is that this will lead to an ultimate underdog story where Kai is able to stand up to Baszler.

The reemergence of Nikki Cross is a bittersweet sight. Nikki is by far one of my favorite competitors within the women’s division in NXT. However, it appears that going forward, she will be staying down in NXT while the rest of Sanity will be on their way to Smackdown. A few weeks ago I compared the case of Nikki Cross to Carmella. And while I still think there are some similarities, a reader correctly pointed out to me how Nikki Cross is much more of an integral part of Sanity than Carmella was to Enzo and Cass. I truthfully don’t think that Sanity will look complete without Nikki by their side.

It looks like going forward, it seems possible that Nikki will be the first one to challenge Shayna for the title. I’m looking forward to the match itself because I think it’ll be a fun one to watch. However, I don’t see them placing the title on Nikki anytime soon. Which is unfortunate because Nikki has killed it since beginning down in NXT. But my gut is telling me that Shayna will be keeping the title for the immediate future.

What did you think of the match between Borne and Kai? Where do you think the story of Kai and Baszler will go? Do you see Nikki being Shayna’s first challenger? Let us know in the comments below!

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