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Impact Wrestling Reaction: May 4th, 2017

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie defends her title for a second week, this time squaring off against Sienna.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s match:

Out of the shadows and into the spotlight, it seems as though Sienna has picked up exactly where Maria left off in being the self-proclaimed leader of the Knockouts. As vile on the microphone as she is in the ring Sienna continues to bully IMPACT sweetheart, Allie and has most recently gone so far as to disrespect and intimidate Karen Jarrett. Moments after Karen’s announcement two weeks ago that IMPACT and GFW have merged, Sienna cornered Karen asking where “her GFW Women’s Champion was.” It seems as though Global Force, Karen Jarrett and the GFW Women’s Champion, Christina Von Eerie are all red hot on Sienna’s radar, but why? What’s her motive? Why is she attacking an element of the company that is otherwise being celebrated by everyone? Sienna is a former Knockouts Champion. She’s been a dominant force at IMPACT since her debut, scoring wins against prominent names such as Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Jade. It was nearly a year ago, at Slammiversary 2016, that Sienna captured the Knockouts title as a member of the Lady Squad. A mere two months after breaking onto the scene at IMPACT, Sienna was champion. Fast forward another two months, in August 2016, Sienna’s reign would end as Allie prevailed in a five Knockout match for the title. Rather than ordering Allie to return the championship to its rightful owner Sienna, Maria forced Allie to lay down for her, allowing Maria to become champion and simultaneously putting Sienna’s championship hopes on the back burner. Fast forward again to the last several weeks on IMPACT. With the Lady Squad a thing of the past and Sienna positioning herself as GFW and Karen Jarrett’s biggest opposition, is Sienna on a mission to repeat history and dominate all newcomers to the company as GFW representatives? Or is this a personal attack on Karen? Either way, if the GFW Women’s Champion is the one Sienna has targeted, she’s got her hands full. IMPACT fans saw an impressive outing from Von Eerie last week in the IMPACT Zone. She’ll need to bring her A-game back this week if she’s going to secure another victory and keep the GFW Women’s Championship, a title she has held for over two years, because this week on IMPACT, she puts her title on the line against the “bigger, faster, stronger” Sienna!

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!.

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