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Impact Wrestling should revive women’s tag titles

Impact Wrestling is a strong candidate to have women’s tag titles and to become a leader in the women’s tag team division. This is especially true considering Impact‘s colorful roster of female wrestlers that attracts its viewer base.

Stacked with personas such as the Taya Valkyrie (who looks like she stepped right out of an episode of Vikings), darker characters like the “Undead Bride” Su Yung and Rosemary, and of course the current Knockouts Champion, the charismatic Tessa Blanchard. There exists plenty of solid female talent on the Impact roster.

Impact has also tried new stipulations for women’s matches. Earlier this year, Su Yung took on Allie in the first-ever casket match for the Knockouts Championship.

Impact has displayed great creativity with a roster of highly talented women wrestlers. So they definitely are putting focus on their women’s division. The question here is, why doesn’t Impact Wrestling bring in women’s tag titles? 

For those who used to watch the show back when it was still TNA Wrestling, you may recall the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. The Knockouts roster was quite small at the time, and the women’s tag titles were retired. The same issue exists today and is likely the reason why the Knockouts Tag Team Championships aren’t returning.

Fans have made it clear that they want women’s tag titles in larger promotions. Even with many opportunities for these promotions to debut women’s tag titles they have been slow to do so.

Impact Wrestling seems to be a promotion that is open to trying new things. While WWE doesn’t play well with others and is often stuck in their own ways, Impact participates in collaboration events with other promotions where they feature matches with a mixed bag of talent. It is here where Impact can succeed in reviving their Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Allowing their talent to go to other brands to compete is how Impact can have a more expanded female roster. The Knockouts Tag Champs from Impact can go to other brands to defend their titles. Talent from other brands can come to Impact to challenge for the women’s tag titles in return. 

This can allow for Impact to have more cross-branded promotion with their female roster. Even though these matches and title holders might not specifically wrestle for Impact, it still allows for a greater pool of competition for the women’s tag titles.

It is Impact’s open mindedness to collaborating with different brands that should push them in this direction. They know people want to see women’s tag titles, so they should look to deliver.

If Impact was to get the Knockouts Tag Team Championships in place before WWE could debut women’s tag titles, then surely WWE will be on notice. With women’s tag titles being competed for across multiple brands, Impact would definitely be seen as innovators here. 

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