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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: February 14th and February 21st, 2013

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact taped in London, England courtesy of Diva Dirt reader, Michael.

February 14th:
The Blossom Twins make their Impact debut teaming with British Boot Camp’s Marty Scurll to take on Gail Kim, Tara & Jesse start. Tara tagged in. A Blossom comes in & controls Tara. Blossom double team & near fall on Tara. Gail tags in and Blossoms controls her, back elbow from middle rope & near fall. Gail briefly regains control, Jesse distracts Taryn Terrell & Tara kicks the Blossom in the back as she hits the ropes. Gail slams Blossom’s head into Tara’s boot. Tara in now & does same boot spot with Gail. Gail back in and gets near fall. Gail with her shoulder move through the middle rope in corner. Tara in now. Tara hoists Blossom up by hair. Tara with shimmy moonsault but misses. Blossom tags in other Blossom, Tara tags Gail and fresh Blossom controls. Blossoms take it to both Gail & Tara. Double team splash off shoulders for near fall on Gail. Tara kicked out of the ring. Jesse gets in the ring and Marty with missile dropkick takes him out. Blossom goes for a move, Gail counters into Eat Defeat for the win!

After the match, Gail on mic says she proved she’s most dominant Knockout & thanks Taryn for not being blonde and incompetent for once & doing job right. Says to Tara, you have something I want referring to Knockouts Championship. Gail says Brooke Hogan will make Tara will defend title next week and wants Brooke to come out and give the match to her. Brooke will give Gail a title match… but makes it three-way match with Brooke Tessmacher. Brooke comes out and poses on the ramp. Brooke Hogan says she’s not done… Velvet Sky will be in the match too, making it a four-way elimination . Velvet comes out & poses on ramp with Tessmacher. To make sure there’s no shenanigans, Brooke Hogan will sit ringside.

February 24th:
Knockouts Title four-way elimination match. Velvet out first in pink furry boots (don’t tell Melina!), Gail & Brooke follow. Music miscue as Tara comes out but Brooke Hogan’s music plays, they quickly change it to the right one. Brooke Hogan at ringside to watch the match. Taryn Terrell throws Jesse out of ringside.

Gail & Brooke in one corner, Tara & Velvet in the other. Victory roll by Brooke on Gail, Tara rolls up Brooke, Velvet rolls up Tara. Brooke goes for victory roll on Tara but she drops her on her back. Gail & Tara double team & taunt Velvet. Velvet tries to fight back but they beat her down. Tara splash in corner followed by Gail shoulder dive through the ropes. Tara with spinning side slam for pin but Gail breaks it up. Gail & Tara argue now. Gail shoves Tara, Tara and Gail exchange blows. Tara tosses Gail overhead. Tara misses splash in corner as Gail hops over the rope & Brooke Tessmacher pulls her down from the apron on the outside. Brooke hits a Stratusfaction on Gail on the outside which gets a big pop! Back in ring, Brooke & Velvet fight Tara. Velvet guillotined over top rope by Tara. Tara then trips Brooke and she lands neck first on bottom rope. Crowd are behind Velvet Sky. Tara up top for a beautiful moonsault on Brooke. Velvet goes for In Yo Face on Tara. Velvet tries to pin Tara but Gail breaks it up and pins Tara herself. Tara is eliminated… a new champion will be crowned tonight! Brooke & Gail fight in the ring. Brooke & Gail up top, Velvet joins… triple suplex! TNA chant breaks out! Velvet pins & eliminates Brooke. Velvet hits In Yo Face on Gail to win the Knockouts Championship. I think Taryn got involved and cost Gail the title.


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