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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: October 29th & November 5th, 2014

TNA taped more episodes of Impact Wrestling tonight. Spoilers below:

Airing October 29th:
* The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell. Madison isn’t helping out at all. She always ends up away from corner when Taryn tries to tag. Eventually. Rayne goes after TBP briefly, so she is not aligned with them, but takes out Terrell and walks out. TBP win.

* Sam Shaw and Brittany segment. They talks about turning on Gunner, and start passionately making out. Gunner out, calls them “creepy bastards.” Start brawling. Brittany helps out and they stand tall after low blow. Shaw then uses a hold while wearing gloves to put him out. Then, more making out.

Airing November 5th:
* Havok vs Gail Kim. Brawling around ringside and on stage before bell. Gail thrown off it. Medics out. Borash was gong to call it off, but Gail refused. Match starts. All Havok. Havok would have won by count out, but wanted to cause more damage. Gail now getting some offense, but havok in control still. Gail jumps off top rope, but is caught in Chokeslam. Havok retains.


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