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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: January 16th & 23rd, 2015

TNA taped the next two weeks of Impact Wrestling tonight. Starting next week, Impact moves to Friday nights at 9pm ET. Spoilers below:

Airing January 16th:
* Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn Terrell. BroMans were at ringside with The Beautiful People. Awesome Kong appears after the lights go out. She chokeslams Zema Ion. Havok‘s music hits and out she comes. Her and Kong face off in the middle of the ring but security breaks it up before anything happens.

Airing January 23rd:
* Havok vs. Gail Kim starts when they brawl on the ramp. The match ends in DQ when Havok shoves the referee. Havok drags Kim back to the ring for more punishment but the lights go out and Awesome Kong is here. Havok attacks but Kong no-sells it. Kong clotheslines Havok over the top rope and her music hits.

* Feast or Fired match is next. It looked like two celebrities came and took seats in the crowd before the match began. The briefcases are on poles and wrestlers in the match are Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Zema Ion, Crazzy Steve, Sam Shaw, Gunner, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, Bram, Magnus and Austin Aries. Spud climbs on top of Shaw to grab the first case. Aries acted like he was going to do a dive but ran to the top rope and grabbed the second case instead. Aries then dives out and retreats to the back. Apparently The Beautiful People got one of the cases, possibly for BroMans?, at the start of the match but nobody noticed. Magnus gets the last case.

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