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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: July 21st, 2016

TNA has taped additional footage for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Spoilers below.


* Maria is holding a state of the Knockouts division. Sienna, Allie, Gail Kim, Jade, Rayne, and Marti come out for this segment. Maria asks if anyone has any grievances and asks how the Knockouts can be more like her. Jade asks when she’s getting her rematch because Marti screwed her over. Marti says she screwed herself. Maria says Jade can’t control herself and needs to be a lady if she wants a rematch. Gail Kim says she’s not a lady and asks when she is getting her match against Maria. Maria says she can never use her hand again, but points out that Gail lost two matches to Sienna. Gail says she will face any man in the locker room to get a title match. Maria says she will fight all the Knockouts and if Gail loses, then she’ll never get a title match. Maria says whoever takes out Gail Kim will get rewarded. Madison lays out Gail and says it’s nothing personal, but the Knockouts need to start looking out for themselves.


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