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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: June 21st, 2016

Below are spoilers for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.


Dark Match

* Chelsea Green defeated Mickie Knuckles.

Airing June 21st

* Marti Bell defeated Jade.

* Decay calls out Bram. They want him to join the group but Bram turns them down. This leads to Bram getting misted and beat down by Decay.

* Maria and Mike Bennett go to the ring. Maria says she was assaulted by Dixie Carter with being provoked. She calls out Dixie. Dixie said anyone would do the same thing. Maria tells Dixie that she’s the boss and shouldn’t be laying her hands on the talent. She demands that Dixie step down as President. Mike and Maria are threatening a lawsuit. Billy Corgan tells Dixie that he agrees with the Bennetts and suggests she takes a leave of absence for a week. This makes Mike and Maria feel better.


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