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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: June 7th & 14th, 2018

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling and Xplosion taped tonight April 26th.


* Grado (with Katarina Leigh) versus Eddie Edwards never starts as Edwards canes Grado and threatens Katarina to leave the ring. Eddie had Sami Callihan beaten, bloodied and ready to end him once and for all. Edwards calls out Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer comes out to be the voice of reason to the insane Edwards. Edwards asks Dreamer why won’t he let him end Callihan. Dreamer says to move on, Eddie hasn’t spoken to his wife Alisha Edwards in a week. Edwards asks Dreamer how he knows and threatens him. Edwards is knocked down but he then canes Dreamer and leaves.

* Madison Rayne defeated Taya Valkyrie via Rayne Drop. Madison grabs the mic afterward saying it’s exciting to come back home to the Impact Zone. She wasn’t going to be an in-ring competitor but moments are meant to be capitalized upon. She says she has created career moments for herself by beating Tessa Blanchard and now Taya Valkyrie. Impact promised that if Madison could beat Taya, she would get one more opportunity to make a moment for herself, her daughter & everyone who has supported her. At Slammiversary, Madison says she will slay the Undead Bride to become a six-time Knockouts Champion. Laughter is heard from Su Yung but no one is there – Madison leaves to the back.

* Tessa Blanchard defeated Keira Hogan in a No DQ match after a Full Nelson spun into a facebuster on an open chair.


* Su Yung defeated Diamanté (with LAX) via the Panic Switch. Diamanté received a huge welcome back chant. Diamanté blew a Tope catching herself on the rope but continued the match after.

* Katarina Leigh (with Grado) defeated Alisha Edwards via Uranage Backbreaker. Katarina immediately sent Grado to the back but he came out anyways after her. Grado’s music hits and they celebrate together


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