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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: March 27th & April 3rd, 2014

Below are partial spoilers for two weeks of Impact Wrestling, taped tonight:

Airing March 27th:
* In a non-title match, Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky came to ringside. When the ref was distracted, Velvet grabbed Madison and gave her a DDT on the floor and rolled her back in for Love to get the pin. The two of them laughed, hugged, and posed.

Airing April 3rd:
* They showed a backstage segment with Brittany offering to Madison Rayne to be her tag partner against Velvet and Angelina tonight. Madison said no and she didn’t want to put her through it. Brittany mentioned how Madison was new a few years ago and she is now at the top and Brittany just needs an opportunity. Madison accepted, mentioning how they are in similar gear and shut the door to talk strategy.

* The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Angelina Love) defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany after a double kick on Brittany. Velvet took care of Madison before the two of them hit their finish on Brittany. The beautiful people came out with new colorful gear and had a new entrance where they had a curtain drop for them as you could see their shadows pose through it.


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