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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: May 26th, 2011

Spoilers for next week’s Impact:

* Velvet Sky is out. She asks if some of the Kknockouts are insane in the membrane with the accusations against her. From Winter saying she’s jealous to Karen Jarrett saying she’s Angle’s mistress to ODB‘s problem with her. She says she heard she’s in the building. ODB comes out and confronts Velvet. ODB says she got a call she was fired 6 months into her multi-year deal. She was told it’s because she doesn’t have the right look. Velvet said her problem with management has nothing to do with her. Velvet has been working her butt off day after day getting her butt kicked, trying to be the best. ODB tells her to shut her pie hole. ODB says she’s pathetic and an embarrassment to the knockouts and women in general. That’s why Angelina left her. Velvet starts to cry. ODB mocks her. Velvet goes to leave but ODB attacks her. She is beating and choking Velvet. Security breaks it up but ODB breaks through and attacks Velvet again. Security grabs ODB and Velvet runs off.

* TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Winter w/Angelina Love in a non-title match. Winner via Last Kiss Goodnight, Mickie James. After the match, Angelina Love came out and attacked Mickie James.

* They re-taped the segment with Velvet Sky and ODB to make it shorter and more to the point. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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