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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: October 13th, 2011

Spoilers for the October 13th edition of Impact Wrestling. The show will air on Spike TV at 9pm.

* J.B. announced there will be a contact signing tonight between Hogan and Sting…Mexican America came to the ring. Hernandez said there are some wannabe tough guys (Ink Inc.) And if they want a fight he’ll give it to them. Ink Inc. came to the ring. Jesse Neal asked Hernandez if he lived in America. The U.S.A. chants started. Shannon Moore told them to get the hell out and Mexican America attacked them. They had the upper hand but then a woman we’ve never seen before came to help ink Inc. She’s got tats and spikey hair and cleaned house. Ink Inc. challenged Mexican America to a match at Bound for Glory for the titles.

Note: The above was Christina Von Eerie making her debut.

* Velvet did her usual entrance, followed by Mickie James, Winter and Angelina Love. Karen Jarrett came to the ring next with Madison and Traci Brooks. Karen got major heat and called velvet a 5 and dime ho. She said she was class and Velvet was trash. Velvet said she was going to be on a level playing field soon enough when she captures the titles. Traci crawled behind Karen, and Velvet forced Karen backwards and caused her to trip and fall over Traci. The fight between the knockouts was on and had to be broken up by security. It looks like it’s a triple threat for the knockouts belt at Bound for Glory. (Source)

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