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Impact Write-Up (August 4th, 2016): Gail sights the champ, Rosemary sights Bram

After overcoming her first challenge in Madison Rayne last week, Gail Kim confidently laces up her wrestling boots for her next opponent; or rather opponents, as we later find out. All of this, of course, is part of Gail Kim’s journey in becoming Knockouts Champion for a record six-times. Outside the Knockouts title picture, we are treated to the thrilling conclusion between Rosemary and Bram.

Backstage, we find Gail Kim alongside with Allie to get the name of the next Knockout she’ll have to face. Allie scrolls through her smartphone and sees the many names Gail still has to face. Before Allie can give Gail any information, in walks bosslady Maria Kanellis, who already appears to be in a bitter mood.

In fact, Maria’s attitude is so bitter, that she completely shoots down Alli’s idea before it can even be pitched properly. To add to Allie’s misery, Maria announces that Gail will face Allie this week, which surprises both Gail and Allie.

As we head out to the Impact Zone, another surprise is dropped when a less stressed Maria comes out to change up the previously announced one-on-one match. Though Allie will still face Gail in this match, she will have the help of the Knockouts Champion Sienna by her side. Well, wouldn’t be the first time Gail has competed in a handicap match.

With the new match rules now set in place, things are ready to commence. Gail targets Allie first but the Knockouts Champion attacks from behind, bringing Gail down to the ground. Sienna then stomps Gail vigorously and suggested Allie do the same when she tagged in.

Allie’s stomps are less hard hitting and after just a few shots, Sienna tags back in the match. The Knockouts Champion displays her strength against Gail by delivering a Samoan drop, a Fallaway slam and even a wheelbarrow suplex. In between each throw, Allie would squeal “Pick me!” from the ring apron, to be tagged in the match and get some offense; even if it was as little as a scratch to Gail’s back.

When Allie tries her own power maneuvers, it backfires and Sienna finds herself having to pick up the slack. She tags back in the match and whips Gail to a corner for a running corner splash. Allie tags in to try and mimic Sienna’s actions but Gail dodges out the way.

A double clothesline brings both Knockouts down, causing Allie to try and make a tag to Sienna but Gail knocks her off the apron before the tag can be made. With Allie left all alone, Gail is fired up and hits Allie with numerous forearms, a shoulder block, a corner splash and an intense neck breaker.

To finish it all off, Gail sets Allie for an Eat Defeat but in runs Sienna to make the save. Sienna lands her AK-47 finisher to Gail, allowing Allie to go for a pin but Gail kicks out just in time! Stunned by this, Sienna runs back in the ring in an attempt to put Gail away with her running Silencer finisher. Unfortunately, Sienna blankly misses Gail and hits Allie instead.

Gail rids of Sienna with a running dropkick, covers Allie and picks up the win for a second week in a row!

We move on to find Rosemary pouring out her emotions to Bram through a story of a broken heart. We’ve all been there, right?

Rosemary tells Bram of young boy she once loved by the name of Johnny, who violated Rosemary’s trust on Valentine’s Day. Bram is unamused by Rosemary’s sorrow tale, as it comes across no different than any other Valentine’s Day heartbreak story.

Angered by this, Rosemary snaps and picks up a nearby shovel. Decay members Crazzy Steve and Abyss enter the creepy picture and soon the Death Dealers drag their unconscious victim to a parked BMW. The group place Bram in the trunk of their vehicle and drive away into the night.

Thoughts: So Gail accomplishes to kill two birds with one stone this week. One of those birds just happens to also be the Knockouts Champion! It is a really a tough pill to take in… and this is coming from a big fan of Gail Kim!

I respect and appreciate the work/passion Gail has given fans throughout her entire wrestling career. She more than deserves to be inducted to TNA’s Hall of Fame for that but I can’t help seeing flashbacks to last year’s Gail Kim versus Dollhouse handicap match. Surely, this wasn’t as bad as last year’s match, in my eyes anyway, but to still have your Knockouts Champion, who should be seen Gail’s “final” opponent anyway, take a loss just leaves a bad aftertaste. Allie may have taken the pin but it is still a lost for Sienna in the record books.

While I found the match to have some story through Allie having to “learn” to wrestle, it wasn’t all too exciting. I just wish that TNA can find an alternative way of building some character for Allie aside from her current gimmick; since we are aware that Allie is more than capable to compete in a regular singles match. My real pit of this match was the ending, Sienna’s Silencer run-in just came across a bit off and misplaced.

On a more positive note, I continue to enjoy Rosemary’s segments and, wow, was I surprised to see where things went this week! It was a nice swerve to sort of see the Decay still be this unified group despite some teases of a break-up. I can’t wait to see where things go from here and what is to come from next week’s semi-live episode of Impact.

Speaking of next week, I am curious to see what is next for Gail Kim. She has a win over Madsion, Allie and Sienna so far which means she may just need to get through Jade and Marti Bell to earn her right for another Knockouts title shot. That is, assuming, the likes of Rosemary, Chelsea Green, Raquel and even Maria aren’t part of the Knockouts takedown checklist. All I ask is for you to surprise us next week TNA!

What are your thoughts on this week’s handicap match? What do you think will become of Bram and The Decay? Excited for next week’s semi-live episode of Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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