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Impact Write-Up (December 8th, 2016): Allie gets her retribution

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to your weekly edition of Impact Write-Up! We are closely coming to the final stretch of TNA for the year 2016 – with less than one week from the much talked about Total Nonstop Deletion! Start those predictions on how/if the Knockouts will be involved in the Hardy’s Establishment project. As we heard earlier this week, Laurel Van Ness has issued a challenge to Allie for this week’s episode of Impact. How will the beloved “novice” Knockout flare in her latest battle against TNA’s Mean Girls? Let’s dive in.

Before we get to our Knockouts match, we check in with our newly crowned Knockouts Champion Rosemary. The Assassin Demon Champion leads her Decay clan to confront the TNA Tag Team Champions the Broken Hardys, reminiscing on their previous battles from the Great War.

After gloating on her attacks towards Gail Kim and her “hand selected Warrior of Light” Jade, Abyss and Crazzy Steve declare their challenge towards the Hardys with the promise of taking everything in this next trip to Cameron, NC. I can’t even imagine how this will play out this time around.

We move on to our Knockouts match of the week:

Ms. Maria accompanies Laurel while Madison Rayne puts back on her commentary hat to join Josh Matthews over at the commentary table. Where is The Pope this week daddy?

Allie makes her entrance in casual wear, which sparks Maria to tease Allie once again once she makes her way inside the six sided ring. Maria points at Allie’s wrestling boots and knee-pads and says despite the semi-ring upgrade, she still “can’t wrestle”. Not so fast Ms. Maria, Allie has a trick up her sleeve: She has been training to wrestle with Laurel’s crush Braxton Sutter!

After dropping the bombshell, out comes Braxton to cheer Allie on for this match-up; much to Laurel’s dismay. The Impact Zone bursts out chants for Allie but she goes down via arm drag by Laurel. The women tie-up again and this time, it’s Allie who takes down Laurel with an arm drag.

Laurel comes back in with a leg sweep offense and illegal stretch hold with the use of the ring ropes, knocking Allie off her game momentarily. Still, Allie manages to bounce back through her newly found confidence and support from Braxton with hard hitting right forearms, running clothesline and a suplex!

The Impact Zone, fans watching from home and Braxton are all on their feet cheering Allie on… that is until the good mood is interrupted by Mike Bennett. The Miracle Mike and his golden shoes brawl with Allie’s coach, forcing the men to the back for the remainder of this Knockouts match.

The distraction allows Laurel to strike Allie from behind and follow up with a running facecrusher. After her signature Shhh! taunt, Laurel goes for her curb stomp finisher but ducks out the way. She shoves Laurel to the ropes and brings her back to hit a Reverse DDT that puts her away for the three count pin! Allie is your winner!

As Allie celebrates her win, former boss lady Maria attempts an attack from behind but instead retreats when Allie turns around with a crushed fist! Go Allie, go!

After her big win, Allie meets up with Braxton backstage to relive her big moment. Braxton tells Allie that she can do anything… which prompts Allie to peck a kiss on Braxton. A happy good feel for Allie and Braxton!

We close Impact with previews for next week’s Total Nonstop Deletion:

Hmm, no Knockouts sighting but all I can say about this preview is that I am speechless….

Thoughts: At last, TNA have found a way to give Allie the “skills” to wrestle.

Sure, this week’s Knockouts match wasn’t exactly a spectacular match but it is also part of Allie’s ongoing story. Her character is still “learning” the basics so I wasn’t expecting her to pull out all the strings just yet. A few basics maneuvers, new confidence and getting the big win over her former colleagues are what continue to build Allie as the division top babyface. I just hope that with the Braxton Sutter pairing, which will no doubt him as well, we can continue to see Allie progress as a full on competitor.

On an interesting note, I noticed a change in direction based off the last set of TNA spoilers; that being a change in stipulation and even ending of this match. Originally, it was said that Allie needed win this match to keep her job and win a TNA contract, which was never mentioned on commentary nor told beforehand. Brandi Rhodes tossing Maria back to ring after backing off Allie was also cut.

I can see the reason to drop the contract stipulation, as it could have been used as a tactic to more or less hype up the Impact Zone audience, but the Brandi cut makes me wonder where she will currently go. As of now, Cody’s official TNA status is up in the air and after being written off, his wife has needed something to sort of work with. Pairing Allie would have killed two birds with one stone: giving Brandi the rub to still connect with the crowd (sans Cody’s presence) and carry a recurring storyline with Maria. Whatever the reason for the cut, I think it worked out for the best as Brandi needs some more polishing before getting back in the ring full time.

In the meantime, we look ahead to Total Nonstop Deletion. I continue to voice how I’m not really a fan of these over-the-top Hardy gimmick matches. They aren’t really matches in my eyes but if I had to guess, I would assume Rosemary would defend her title against Reby Hardy? It wouldn’t be the first time the Knockouts have confronted each other but let’s see how the (assumed) final episode of Impact Wrestling 2016 will play out!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Relieved to see Allie “trained” and paired with Braxton Sutter? Are you ready for Total Nonstop Deletion? Let us know in the comments below!

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