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Impact Write-Up (February 2nd, 2017): Open Fight Night  

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. Last week, TNA went on to broadcast their special Genesis episode of Impact and have decided to keep the themed shows rolling for a second week in a row through their special Open Fight Night!

One Knockout certainly looking for a fight this week is Brooke over Sienna after the latter roughed up Brooke on the night she returned to the ring. Let’s see how these two battled.

Though she isn’t scheduled to compete this week, Knockouts Champion Rosemary makes a backstage appearance with Brandi Rhodes. Rosemary greets the “pretty one” and offers Brandi a second chance to join The Decay. Even after having a week to think it over, Brandi’s answer remains the same and she declines the Demon Assassin’s offer; this time questioning Rosemary’s interest/motive for a new recruitee.

Even after the rejection, Rosemary goes on to compliment Brandi as a potential star, who is just in need of some of her guidance. Rosemary closes out the segment by warning Brandi that she decides when things are over, not her. Oh, just join the hive Brandi, you’ll be in good hands!

Time for our Knockouts match of the evening:

Sienna makes her entrance first, pinkies raised in the air, and is accompanied by Maria “fancy pants” Kanellis. Brooke is out next and paces herself before sliding under the ring to meet with her opponent. Brooke ducks a clothesline from Sienna as the ring bell sounds off and takes Sienna down with forearms, a high kick and a head scissors.

Pink powered Brooke kicks Sienna in the midsection and goes for a suplex but Sienna overpowers her. Quick on feet, Brooke dodges an oncoming corner charge from Sienna and counters with the Butteface Makeover that earns Brooke a two count pin.

Suddenly Maria jumps to the ring apron which leads Brooke to chase Ms. Maria outside and across the six sided ring. Props to you for running in those high heels without tripping over Maria! Brooke’s hunt comes to a halt when Sienna strikes Brooke down with a clothesline.

Brooke is then tossed to outside where Maria gets involved once again, stomping on Brooke sans those high heels. Back in the ring, Brooke is hammer thrown to corner by Sienna but Maria’s presence is still felt when she momentarily jumps to the ring apron. Maria distracts senior referee Earl Hebner while Sienna chokes out Brooke with the use of a lace.

Looking to end things, Sienna sets Brooke up for the AK-47 but Brooke slips from Sienna’s clutches and counter out with a neck breaker. Brooke attempts a second suplex over Sienna but the scenario repeats itself with Sienna easily shoving Brooke out the way. Instead, Brooke resorts an inverted neck lock on the mat.

Sienna escapes the hold by getting back to her feet but immediately goes back down when Brooke lands a swinging neck breaker. As Brooke climbs to the top rope of a corner, Maria gets involved in the match one more time by knocking Brooke off the turnbuckle, allowing Sienna to hit the Silencer and put Brooke away for the three count. Score one for the bad girls this week!

After assisting Sienna to victory, Maria, along with her husband Mike Bennett, run in to Braxton Sutter backstage. Though Braxton may disagree, Maria says that things between Braxton and Laurel Van Ness have been moving along so well, that the sound of phantom wedding bells can be heard! That can only mean a proposal is in the works! When Braxton argues that an engagement to Laurel was never part of the deal, Maria pulls out the trump card she has over Allie to continue her blackmail bidding. “Princess cut, that’s what Laurel would like.” advises Maria to Braxton when deciding on what ring he should pick out.

Thoughts: Okay, so I can’t say this was my favorite week of Impact. Brooke is still finding her way back in the ring after being away for a year, so some ring rust is expected. This match wasn’t the most crisp and there moments when spots felt clumsy; particularly Brooke setting Sienna up for that floored chin lock. I also would like to see Sienna use her AK-47 as a regular finisher for execution purposes.

I have to say this is the most involved I’ve ever seen Maria be when managing a match and certainly came across as the heel manager this week with all her shenanigans. Maria still has it off for Brooke after their previous little introduction but I would like to see more backstage segments/interactions between Brooke and Maria/Sienna to continue more of a storyline. This can play out as a second Knockouts storyline outside the title picture after all.

Speaking of the Knockouts title, Rosemary and Brandi’s interaction was interesting. Anytime Rosemary can cut a promo is always a treat, even if it trying to convert someone new to join her clan. After that Monsters Ball match against Jade, I understand the need to give Rosemary something new to do but I’m not sure if I would have gone through the Brandi route, given how little we’ve actually seen from her lately. There’s an aura about Rosemary’s character so perhaps these little interactions with Brandi, who is still finding a place in the Knockouts division, can add more depth to a character.

And finally, there’s the Laurel/Braxton/Maria saga to address. Even though she has been MIA these past weeks, this entire storyline is still about Allie. Much like Braxton’s date with Laurel last week, I would have liked to see how Allie would have reacted in knowing her crush is moving in on her rival. Stay strong and keep your head high when you hear the news of Braxton/Laurel’s engagement Allie!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Would you like to see Brandi join The Decay? Are you fully behind the Braxton/Laurel/Allie/Maria drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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