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Impact Write-Up (January 12th, 2017): Prepare for war

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! After kicking off their first week of 2017 with a big Knockouts title match at TNA ONO: Live!, the Knockouts are given a break from the ring this week. Instead, we are treated to Allie’s latest trouble with Ms. Maria, the set-up for the next installment in the Red vs. Blue battle and, of course, the return of a former Knockouts Champion!

When she isn’t taking order from Maria, Allie occupies her time by watching videos that her crush/wrestling coach Braxton Sutter sends her. Maria catches a whiff of Allie slacking off, orders her to stand at attention and tells Allie that her husband Mike Bennett is going to defeat Braxton so badly, he’ll be in a full body cast that will avert him from any more ring training with Allie. Maria ends the segment by forcefully sending our vegan friendly Knockout away with her fur jacket! How rude!

Impact broadcaster McKenzie Mitchell is up next for a sit-down interview with the returning *drum roll please* Brooke Adams! The former Knockouts Champion says though she has been away for a long time, everyone has been so welcoming and it feels great to be back in her home known in the Impact Zone.

As the interview continues, Brooke recalls leaving back in October of last year to start a family and give her body a bit of a break. When speaking about her baby boy, Brooke says she wants to make her son proud by showing that she is a fighter. As far as what Brooke has planned for her full time return to Impact, Brooke says she looks forward to mixing it up with some of the new names within the division and to reclaim the Knockouts title yet again! Welcome back Brooke!

Though she would only appear during the final seconds in the match-up between Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter, Allie was able to celebrate her coach’s win over The Miracle, much to Maria and Mike’s dismay. After their defeat, the Bennetts meet backstage to plot a scheme against Allie, whom they label as the source of their problem thus far. Maria says she “owns” Allie and will enjoy putting her down once again.

And finally, we close out with Rosemary’s invitation to Jade. The Knockouts champion heads to the six sided ring and with a mic in hand, says that darkness has consumed the Knockouts division. Gail Kim and Jade were only the first of “pretty little Knockouts” that will taste and feel this darkness until the decay, decay, decay.

Jade’s music hits and out comes the War Queen, sporting a new cut. She says that she is just getting started with Rosemary, adding that had it not been for Rosemary’s mist in their six sides of steel match, Jade would be the Knockouts champion. That being said, Jade insists in having a title rematch which Rosemary has no problem denying.

In fact, to raise the stakes, Rosemary challenges Jade to a Monster’s Ball match! Jade calls Rosemary a sick, twisted individual… but so is she and courageously accepts Rosemary’s stipulated match.

As Jade exits the ring, Rosemary goes for an attack with the title but Jade foresees this and fends off the Knockouts champion with a kick to the midsection, right forearms and swift kicks. To top it all off, Jade sets Rosemary up for the packaged piledriver but Rosemary escapes just in time.

Thoughts: How awesome is it to see Brooke back in TNA!? I am so thrilled to see her back in TNA given that she was this fired-up and colorful babyface at the time of her departure. With Gail Kim still sidelined from an injury, Raquel‘s recent departure, Madison Rayne on commentary duty and Allie still “training”, the division is need of some strong faces at the moment and Brooke can certainly fill in that role. Although I was hoping to see her actually compete this week, her interview was enjoyable and felt genuine.

I suppose since she hasn’t technically been “fired” from Maria, Allie is still acting as her assistant but it still feels like this pairing has dragged for far too long. Maria has done a great job as the heel across Allie’s babyface persona to the point that the Impact Zone are chanting “We want Allie!” even when Allie isn’t around. How often does that happen in TNA? With Allie’s popularity hitting its peak, I just want to see her used a full time competitor but, for now, we’ll just have to be patient and see how the Bennetts’ trickery will play out.

I’m looking forward to seeing this Monster’s Ball match from Jade and Rosemary. TNA have never been shy in giving their women the chance to compete in stipulated style matches so I trust we’ll be treated to another great match from these two. It feels so refreshing to see these new names be given the spotlight to compete in the this unofficial resurgence for the Knockouts division. Keep it up Impact!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Excited for next week’s Knockouts Monster Ball match? What are your thoughts on Brooke’s official TNA return? Let us know in the comments below!

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