Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Upcoming TNA Xplosion & Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Below are spoilers for future episodes of TNA Xplosion & Impact Wrestling.


TNA Xplosion

* Angelina Love defeats Brandi Rhodes with a roll up and her feet on the ropes.

Impact Wrestling

* Eddie Edwards says he is out to beat Davey Richards. Davey doesn’t come out, Angelina does, she says it doesn’t work that way, he gets Davey when Angelina says he gets Davey. Eddie wasn’t there when Davey was hurt, he was too busy chasing titles. Angelina introduces Davey as “The American Wolf” Davey Richards. Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards have a heated brawl that has to be separated by security. Eddie says he will face Davey in an anything goes street fight tonight.

* Rosemary defeats Jade in a Last Knockout Standing match to retain the Knockouts title.

* Eddie out for the street fight, Angelina comes out to introduce Davey, who in turn runs in from the crowd and blindsides Eddie. Davey and Angelina get very violent with Eddie, Alexxis, and even Earl Hebner, Angelina counts a 3 count for Davey.

* The wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness takes place. Mike Bennett serves as Braxton’s Best Man, Rockstar Spud as the Flower Boy with Aron Rex, Sienna and Maria Kanellis as bridesmaids and Allie as the Ring Bearer. When asked if anyone objects to this union the crowd loudly chants “We Object!”. Laurel says yes, Braxton says no! Braxton says he always has been in love with Allie, he was forbid from dating Allie by Maria, otherwise she would have fired her. Maria fires Allie, Allie says she can’t fire her because she quits! Braxton and Allie end up getting married instead.


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