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NXT Redux (January 11, 2017): Ambushing Asuka

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Welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Things are looking way up this week as several women step forward to send Asuka a message, they are coming for her!

We start off the top of the show with a crazy attack on the Women’s Champion. It’s none other than Billie Kay and Peyton Royce who ambush her in the parking lot!

Both women attack and slam her up against the car before Billie dumps a cup of water on her. After the footage the Iconic Duo take on Sarah Bridges, formally known as Crazy Mary Dobson, and her partner Macey Evans.

Macey starts off against Billie. Peyton distracts her and the Aussies take control. Peyton beats her down with kicks, punches and knees. They tag back and forth, pummeling her before Macey escapes and tags in Sarah. Sarah dropkicks them both before she tussles with Billie. Peyton storms in and takes out Macey. Billie rakes Sarah’s eyes and tags in Peyton. Sarah goes down face first from a knee by Peyton. Peyton then gets the win.

After the match both women stand tall as the crowd chants “Asuka’s gonna kill you.” They call her out and tell her they are the most dominate force in the division and the title is theirs. Asuka comes out fighting off the referees.

Billie and Peyton beat Asuka down as she comes into the ring. Nikki Cross runs in to make the save, scaring Billie off. She attacks Peyton and Billie comes rushing back in. She attacks Billie. Peyton recovers just enough to distract Nikki so both her and Billie can escape.

Asuka makes it to her feet, angry. As she turns around to go after the Aussies, Nikki dropkicks her in the face! Nikki yells in her face before standing over her. She then makes her way out of the ring.

Afterwards an NXT interviewer attempts to get some comments from Nikki.

A recap is shown first featuring Asuka flipping out and throwing the refs around. Afterwards, Nikki brushes the interviewer off saying that she’s going to take the NXT Women’s Championship. Eric Young says Sanity will take everything and it starts with the NXT Women’s Championship.

Later on in the show as William Regal lays out the card for NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, Asuka barges in demanding to face “all of them!”

After the show in an NXT exclusive video, Asuka refuses medical treatment and has a meltdown after getting attacked by Billie and Peyton.

Thoughts: I’ve been waiting so long for this! I’m more than pleased that NXT is going in this direction. Billie and Peyton needed to make a ruthless statement and what better than to attack the champion after months of saying they run the show! They’ve given Asuka a piece of her own medicine after Asuka has been stating there is no competition. Here’s your competition! It was so effective. The only distraction to me during that attack was the random bystanders not doing anything, but that can be overlooked.

The match was way too short to fully judge Sarah and Macey. Sarah was able to get in some crisp offense and Macey took the beat down well enough. I’m excited to see both those girls in the near future kill it. Macey has such an interesting look/character. A cross between a pinup girl and an army brat/Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat. I can see her go far with it since it hasn’t really been done before. Sarah is a blank slate and I know her as her Crazy Mary Dobson character. I’m looking forward to see what she’ll bring here.

Though the match was basically a squash, Billie and Peyton needed this win desperately. They are supposed to be the top heels in the division thus far and haven’t successfully gone over despite beating their opponents down. A few more wins or beat downs from them and they are on their way of becoming a bigger and more serious threat to Asuka and whoever else is left. Their merciless victories will solidify them as heels that can back up their words.

I’m also very happy Nikki is getting involved. It makes the most sense. She is the only one, outside Asuka and the Aussies, that has gotten any character buildup. As Sanity’s pitbull we know she’s unhinged and we know she has motivations to destroy everything in her path because so. Pairing her with Sanity as a wildcard is benefiting her in subtle ways. She’s on the fringes of the division and isn’t afraid to get scrappy with the men. She is the one to watch!

I’m ecstatic there will be a fatal 4 way for the title. This is the shake up Asuka’s reign needs. I’m unsure who will come out the victor. I really want either Nikki to grab the win here or the Aussies. By one of them or Nikki pinning each other, this would protect Asuka’s winning streak.

Nikki winning the title would give us an insane heel champion who also has an entourage. She could intimidate Asuka with them or the other women. This in my mind would form the perfect narrative to start building Ember Moon as the baby face of the division. Because right now, we all know Ember is next in line. The issue is, who is she? I still don’t know why she’s here, I still don’t know her character and I really want to.

This loss would also build upon the strength of Asuka. Those videos of her flipping out, ready to go Super Asuka, were amazing. I bowl over every time at her screaming NO, NO! and throwing the refs around. Asuka losing the title would help develop her even more, she’d get desperate and go crazy trying to reclaim her title as the best in the division. It’s really something to think about.

A new year and NXT has some new life. Let’s keep this momentum up!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Who do you want to win the Fatal 4-way? How would you book the division moving forward? Sound off in the comments below.

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