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Impact Write-Up (October 19th 2017): We will paint Impact red!

Hello Women of- wait, *looks at the title of the write-up* IMPACT?! That can’t be right… no wait, I guess it is. That’s right, I will be changing it up by covering this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling!

So we are two weeks away from Impact’s Bound For Glory show, and things are certainly changing, and possibly not for the better? I may as well talk about it now since it was covered earlier and also mentioned during the show… Taryn Terrell is gone! Or to be more precise, she has been removed from the Fatal 4 Way Knockouts Championship match. This of course makes it a Triple Threat between Champion Sienna, Hall of Famer Gail Kim, and Allie.

And of course, while not mentioned on the show itself, around half a day later, it was announced Impact and Taryn have mutually parted ways.

This situation really is confusing to say the least. But we have covered this already. For now, lets get onto the main event, literally. For this week, Rosemary takes on the undefeated Taya Valkyrie in the Main Event of Impact Wrestling!

We get a very well made video package covering the short yet heated rivalry between these two women warriors.

The match itself was very intense. Rosemary going after Taya right before the bell rung, getting the strong advantage and the support of the Hive. The two were afraid to use the ring in painful ways, and also taking things up to new heights, with Taya diving onto Rosemary from the top rope onto the outside. The was some more vicious back and forth and a Red Wedding attempt from Rosemary which sadly didn’t pan out for her.

The ending came when Taya hit a Northern Light Suplex followed by a Double Stomp, getting the pinfall victory.

Despite Taya pulling out the victory, she wasn’t finished with the Death Dealer just yet. Looking to hit the Road To Valhalla, Rosemary counters with a Red Mist spray to the face. Rosemary then has a mic in hand saying how the two having a thing for making them both see ‘red’. At Bound For Glory, ‘We’ require a different shade of red, in the form of blood… Taya’s specifically. She then creepily screams ‘Bloody Mary’ as Rosemary ends the show in delight, while Taya scurries off in genuine fear. So it may as well be official (judging by the promo and the title of the video above). Rosemary VS Taya Valkyrie at Bound For Glory, in a First Blood match!

Thoughts: I think it’s safe to say which of the two Knockouts matches most people will be talking about when BFG comes around. And sadly, it doesn’t seem to look like (possibly) Gail Kim’s retirement Title match. The build-up between the Fatal-4-Way, now Triple Threat Title match and this First Blood match between Rosemary & Taya is like day and night.

I mean while it is great to see more intensity going into the singles match, the build-up for the Knockouts Title match has been very non-existent. Maybe they did have something planned for a backstage segment, but obviously had to change things with the whole Taryn situation. And obviously even though we have a different article to talk about that, a small mention here couldn’t hurt. Who is to blame in that situation? Impact? Taryn herself? While we shouldn’t point fingers, Taryn has also been removed from some of her other wrestling dates outside of Impact, so that can’t be an Impact decision surely. There have been instances of her falling back on past commitments, remember the Diva-Dirt exclusive match between her and Cheerleader Melissa? That also unfortunately fell through.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that Taryn finds happiness in whatever she does. But from a personal level, I’m devastated that we won’t get to hear ‘Everyday Nightmare’ anymore. Unless you buy it, which I happily did!

But in terms of the First Blood match between Rosemary and Taya, they are going to kill it! Plus both being Canada-born, it will undoubtedly get a great reaction. I mean Gail & Allie are also Canadian’s too, but something about this match just has that passion behind it. Whether as the Knockouts Title match, it just falls short unfortunately. Hopefully both matches deliver whatever happens.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling? Are you excited to see the posibility of a First Blood match between these two at Bound For Glory? What do you think of this whole Taryn situation? Which of the two Knockouts matches are you more hyped to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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