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Impact Write-Up (October 20th, 2016): Allie takes a stand, Brandi takes a fall

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! After last week’s Knockouts title match, TNA are essentially giving their women a break from the ring this week. Boooooooo!

Instead, we’re treated to a widespread of outrages by Maria Kanellis, who has just been dethroned as leaders of the Knockouts division, thanks to Gail Kim. Who will feel the wrath coming from The First Lady of Professional Wrestling? Let’s find out!

Our first Knockout sighting comes from Allie, who is taking a moment to look at herself in a mirror to find some inner motivations. Haven’t we all? She’s practicing a speech to which she hopes to speak out loud to in front of her boss Maria. Fellow TNA star Braxton Surton walks in to try and comfort Allie for all the trouble Maria has put her through.

Allie thanks Braxton for his gesture but suddenly Laurel Van Ness enters the picture, who offers pity rather than compassion. LVN ends the segment by sending Allie away to meet with Maria and leaves Braxton with some flirtatious mannerism.

We head out to the Impact Zone, where Maria’s music hits as she makes her way to the six sided ring, accompanied by Allie and Laurel. After passing by some random and rude “CM Punk” chants, (really Impact Zone?) Maria has Allie fetch a microphone so we can tackle around who is to blame for Maria’s recent bad set of weeks.

Maria admits she is no longer the Leader of the Knockouts division but argues it is because of a conspiracy in TNA. While there is plenty of blame to go around, including Gail Kim and TNA President Billy Corgan, Maria unuttered the blame on her assistant Allie.

Just when Allie begins to defend herself, she gets shot down by her two tormentors, who mock Allie and remind her that she is just like the fans in attendance: whose only purpose is to serve. Maria demands that Allie not only take the blame but also apologize for everything! Suddenly a fire inside breaks through Allie, as she swipes Maria’s microphone from her hand to yell out “No! You know what Maria, I’m not to blame, you’re to blame!”.

The Impact Zone lets out a big pop for Allie, who is surprised herself at what just happened. An angry Maria bites back and says Allie needs to be a taught a lesson. Laurel attacks Allie from behind, laying her out in the middle of the ring via stomp. To add to assault, Maria announces that Allie will compete in a match against Laurel Van Ness next week. So… Maria can still book matches despite losing her authoritative power last week?

Allie isn’t the only Knockout Maria has a score to settle with. After Eddie Edwards successfully defended his TNA World Heavyweight title against Cody in the main event of Impact, Maria took a moment to attack Brandi Rhodes from behind. As Brandi climbed the ring apron to celebrate her husband’s efforts, Maria runs in and knocks Brandi off, finishing the attack by sending Brandi to the steel steps.

Maria flees as Cody checks in on his wife and meets with Mike Bennett at the entrance ramp, standing tall this week as the “better” TNA Power Couple.

Thoughts: OK, so not exactly a whole lot of to go off with this week but at least we’re finally seeing some storyline progression for Allie!

I’ve mentioned last week how I was reaching to the point of impatience than sympathy for Allie. The “stupid” name calling and labeling of Allis as an assistant rather than apprentice, or even person, was getting far too repetitive. TNA have already been able to get the fans to care for Allie, so delaying Allie’s break away from Maria was really doing no favors to anyone.

As seen this week, Allie is greatly over and has the making of a strong babyface for the division! The only gripe I have in this is the fact that we are being reminded, yet again, of Allie’s “inexperience” as a wrestler; this week from Josh Matthews who wonders how Allie will do next week since “she barely knows how to wrestle”. Ugh!

Still, I understand this is all for storyline purposes and will wait to see how things actually play out. Perhaps (real life husband) Braxton Sutter will be involved in more backstage that will eventually lead to Allie “training” to become a more fluent wrestler.

And of course, there’s more tension between Brandi and Maria. While their first interaction at Bound for Glory was a poor one, this week was one that I could get behind more. It was short, simple and one that the wrestling wives were able to pull off. Props to Brandi for taking those bumps that give Maria (and Mike) some of that heat for this ongoing feud. Again, let’s keep the ringside fights to Knockouts and actual in-ring action to the men.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of Impact? Are you relieved to see Allie finally stand up to Maria? Excited to see more confrontations between the Bennetts/Rhodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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