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Impact Write-Up (April 10th, 2015): Playtime is Over

Hola Knockouts fans and welcome to another weekly edition of Impact Write-Up! The Wrestling Gods have answered my seven year prayer and are giving us that long awaited rematch between long time rivals Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. With Awesome Kong getting a win over Brooke two weeks ago and Gail Kim scoring a win herself over Angelina Love just last week, a number one contender’s match would be held this week between these two nemesis  to determine who has earned the honor of facing Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell in the future for a title shot. It’s all fate, I tell you! Elsewhere on the show, Mickie James begins to reconnect with an old friend and we’re treated to a vignette featuring new Knockouts and dolls!

TNA has given the Knockouts the favor of being the opening match to this week’s show. Out to make her entrance first is Gail Kim, who high fives the audience of the Impact Zone as she makes her way to the ring while over at commentary, Josh Matthews tries to figure out why his partner Taz has an obsession with Gail Kim. Perhaps I should watch this match on mute. Awesome Kong slowly makes her entrance next, having a very close face to face stare down with her foe upon entering the six sided ring. The ring bell sounds off and the match begins with Gail running towards Kong with several punches to which Kong only eats and counters with her own overpowered blows.

With Kong winning the duel of the strikes, she begins to jog Gail’s memory of her dominance by tossing her across the ring with ease. Kong continues her dominance in this match by trapping Gail to a corner, landing powerful chops to Gail’s upper body. Back in the center of the ring, Kong grapples Gail and looks to slam her on the mat but Gail maneuvers her way out of Kong’s grasp and landing on her feet behind Kong.

Gail begins to look for a way to bring Kong down, first by landing low kicks to Kong’s knees and then with some running forearms all to which Kong is able to take in. Gail tries another approach and whips Kong to a corner but this backfires as the more powerful Kong is able to reverse Gail’s Irish whip, sending her to the turnbuckle instead. Kong marches toward Gail but slips out the way and from the outside of the ring, headbutts Kong in the midsection and follows up with a sunset flip. Gail’s pin attempt to Kong is crushed when Kong drops all her body weight onto Gail when she sits on her.

As Gail tries to recover her after being utterly squashed, Kong distances Gail from the ring ropes and brings her to the middle and begins to apply a submission hold. As the crowd begins to rally behind Gail and a live encouraging tweet from husband Robert Irvine appears on the screen, Gail manages to fight her way through Kong’s hold by countering her submission with a stunner and landing round house kicks once she finds her way back to her feet. Running the ropes, Gail dashes towards Kong but only gets a taste of Kong’s clothesline, slowing down any momentum that was beginning to build.

To completely bring Gail to a stop, Awesome Kong delivers a chokeslam to Gail and goes for the cover but only gets a two count when Gail is able get the shoulder up. Irritated by this, Awesome Kong skulks to a turnbuckle and tries to remove it to its steel opening but gets interrupted when Gail attacks from behind with a combination of forearms, kick and even a corner crossbody, all to no avail as Kong is able to take everything that Gail throws at her. Continuing her mischievous act after being disrupted, Kong is able to expose the steel corner of the turnbuckle and has intentions of sending Gail to it but second thinks this and goes for a chokeslam instead.

Mid-flight however, Gail is able to turn Kong’s chokeslam into a Dragon Sleeper submission to wear down Kong. Looking for a way out, Kong tosses Gail to the outside ring and shortly pursues after her opponent. Just as Kong reaches a corner, Gail surprises us all when she runs to Kong and lands a running missile dropkick kick, sending Kong to the barricades but also recoils as she too falls on her back on the outside surface. As the referee begins his count out countdown, both women begin to find their way back to the ring where a back and forth combat commences with Gail able to corner Kong where she lands numerous shots, wrapping it all up nicely with a cross body turned pin.

Kong kicks out at two by sling shooting Gail Kim right off her. Still looking for a win, Gail tries to go for an Eat Defeat to Kong but Kong only shoves Gail’s feet out the way. From the exposed corner, Kong charges to Gail but Gail manages to get out the way just in time, leaving Kong to land right to the exposed steel turnbuckle that she left behind! Taking advantage, Gail rolls up Kong to a pin but Kong monsters out of it yet again. Still not slowing down on getting her pin fall on Kong, Gail for a second Eat Defeat and this time successfully hits it before going for the cover but for third consecutive time, Awesome Kong kicks out! The crowd begins to dispute the officials’ two count by chanting “That was three!”

As the crowd continues to fire up behind Gail, swings are thrown at Kong’s head but come to stop as Kong grabs a hold of Gail’s throat and brings her to the top rope of a turnbuckle. Gail battles Kong off, first with more punches to the head and then by wrapping her legs around Kong’s cranium for what looks to be a head scissors but Kong elevates Gail away from the turnbuckle. Instead she makes the most of Gail leg grasp and turns it to an oh so familiar Awesome Powerbomb (thought we’d never see that again huh) into a pin and successfully gets the three count, earning the right to face Taryn for a future title shot!

Shortly after this Knockouts match, we head backstage for a second Knockouts segment of the night. Mickie James meets up old pal James Storm and properly thanks him for looking out for her last week after nearly falling victim to Bram and his violent nature. James Storm reassures to Mickie that he was looking for her best interest, no matter what anyone may have to say about it. He firmly stands by his belief that no man should hit a woman.

Mickie appreciates The Revolution leader’s friendship and begins to excuse herself as she looks to catch things up with her fiancé Magnus. Before James Storm can part ways with Mickie, he asks for a friendly hug to which Mickie replies “Hugging is loving!” (How can you not love Mickie’s Southern charm?) and the two squeeze each other; which, according to James Storm, isn’t totally weird the two aren’t second cousins.

As Mickie makes her exit, fellow Revolution team member Manik enters the scene and asks his chief what he was doing with Mickie babe. Manik has just asked the wrong question, as an enraged James Storm stuffs Manik’s mouth with a good piece of cornbread and commands that his follower NEVER question his action! After making himself crystal clear, James Storm orders Manik to rally up the rest of The Revolution stable for a group meeting in the ring. Perhaps this all has to do with next week’s tag tournament.

Our final Knockout bit of the night comes in the form of a vignette produced by a production known as Dollhouse production. In the 30 second clip, a juvenile tune plays in the background with images of dolls thrown to the ground. Two females who go by the name of Jade and Marti Belle ring around a dollhouse, share giggles and begin to have fun with some of the doll in the room they’re in. Stay alert Knockouts, as this small video say that they’re coming soon!

Thoughts: Beginning with the Knockouts match of the night, I think I speak for many fans who say that have longed to see Gail Kim and Awesome Kong go one on one again. After all, anyone who has their matches from all those years ago knows the magic and emotion that came from their initial feud. They’ve proved to be the strongest draw of the night, had the highest of praises from wrestling fans and were even given the privilege of having the main even slot at the peak of their feud!

Having all said all that, their seven year rematch this week was very solid and enjoyable but didn’t exactly have that feel as it did back in the early days. I think both women clearly work well with another and both came across strong in their own ways; Kong relying on power and strength while Gail relied on speed and versatility. In the end, I think the right winner came out victorious as we are already aware of how Taryn still wants to find a way to get a win over Awesome Kong to feel fulfilled as champion and Awesome Kong still looking to grab the gold one more time from the likes of Taryn.

Moving on to the Mickie James short angle, I think we are seeing some continuation in where exactly she is entering in this storyline with James Storm. As we would later find out in the night, The Great Sanada has been kicked out of The Revolution stable and it would appear that a new spot has been opened for any new members. Could the pieces begin to fall to see a possible female join the group? Or perhaps James Storm is using Mickie James to try and recruit Magnus, who is still holding onto that Tag Team titles briefcase for those who may have forgotten. It will be interesting to see how things will play out as we begin the Tag Team tournament for the vacated TNA Tag Team titles.

Finally, the highlight of my night, was the video tease of the new Knockouts looking to make their way to the Knockouts division! I’m glad to see the newly repackaged Mia Yim now going by Jade (just in time for the release of the latest Mortal Kombat X game) and Marti Bell get their little vignette. It says to me that TNA are invested in the two before they even their debut. It’s an exciting time, as we are being treated to not one but TWO new, and much needed, blood to TNA’s women roster. Only time will tell what the two have in store for the upcoming future.

That’s it for this week’s Knockout fans, hasta luego!

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