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Impact Write-Up (April 14th, 2011): Come Over to the Dark Side, Angelina (We Have Free Drinks)

Oh oh Oh oh Oh! Oh oh Oh oh! Oh oh Oh oh Oh! The Right Stuff! Wait…this is totally the wrong website for that. I’m sorry. Where was I? Oh yes. It is time for yet another Diva Dirt edition of the TNA iMPACT Write-Up, brought to you by yours truly! Last week, we saw a zombie finally turn on her BFF. Brainssssss! We also saw a motorcycle accident leaving a fallen contender with a more than a few scrapes and bruises. This week, the theme is retribution and you had better believe someone’s going to get it! So if you’re all for the heroic story or even a healthy beatdown or two then step into my office. We need to have a little chat.

Our first glimpse of the TNA Knockouts comes to us from backstage where Velvet Sky is banging on what appears to be the locker room of Angelina Love, giving the fact that Velvet is screaming her name like a banshee. A second later, Winter opens the door and steps out, telling Velvet to keep it down. Velvet screams that she isn’t talking to her and Winter tells her that Angelina is resting and in case Velvet hasn’t noticed, Angelina wants nothing to do with her former BFF. Vel Vel, obviously stressed, demands to know what Winter has done with her TBP partner but Winter takes it as an insult. Angelina is a big girl and can make her own decisions, having decided she wants nothing more to do with Velvet. Winter tells her to just live with it.

Apparently, those are fighting words because Velvet throws her hand in Winter’s face, and I quote, saying “Live with it? Well, you tell Angelina to live with this, BIATCH! You tell Angelina that I’m going to go into the middle of that ring tonight and give her the receipt she has coming! And if she doesn’t want to come down to the ring, I’m going to come back here and drag her to the ring and there’s nothing you can about it. Live with that, BITCH!” And all Winter can do is wish the little sweetheart good luck. I think they’re finally bonding. Honestly.

A bit later, we see the TNA Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne walking backstage with Tara, who says she is very proud of Madison. The Queen Bee stops her and says that she is going to go out to the ring and do the right thing by apologizing to Mickie James. What they did was stupid and according to Tara, this is all long overdue. They both agree it was stupid and what she is about to do is for the good of all mankind. Okay. Not that far but it is Madison.

When we come back from commercial, Tara and Madison are in the ring, mic in hand. Madison looks almost upset when she says that for the last seven days, she hasn’t been able to sleep. Every night when she lays down to go to bed, all she can do is play back last week in her head when she and Tara ran Mickie over with that bike. Remember that? Of course you do. Madison goes on to say that if she could go back and do things differently, what would she have done? She turns to Tara and says she would have backed that bike up and ran over Mickie’s ass one more time! Then! Oh then, she would have taken her left hand and slapped it right across that wretched face of Tara’s for questioning her. I seriously died here.

Continuing, Madison has noticed the last few weeks that Tara has become a little too comfortable in her role. She reminds Tara what her role in all of this is and that Tara is Madison’s BITCH! When the Queen says jump, you say how high. You remember that, don’t you Tara? Something along those lines. Madison reminds her that she is the reason Tara has a job, since she handed her the job back after she retired her. She goes on to say that if she keeps it up, she’ll make Tara is back behind the make-up counter, stocking lip gloss for minimum wage. I love Madison. I really do. Haha. She’s such a bitch and it’s incredible to me.

But Tara isn’t one to stand down easily. Madison tells her if she has something to say, she needs to spit it out! But as soon as Tara gets in her face…HARDCORE COUNTRY! Out steps last week’s accident victim in Mickie James, arm in a sling but looking pretty dolled up for just having been run over by a motorcycle the week before. She says that she hates to interrupt the heart felt, tear jerkin’ tender moment between the two of them but she has something to say! Madison, in all her glory, screams at Mickie who simply tells her to shut her mouth. She goes on to say that if she thinks a little separated shoulder is going to stop her from ripping every strand of Madison’s ratty, god awful weave out of her pretty little prima donna head, she is SADLY MISTAKEN! I’m pretty sure Mickie has officially lost her damn mind. Girl be lookin’ crazy!

She goes on to tell Madison that she is going to put Madison through all the pain she put her through last week and then some. All the while, Tara is behind Madison with a smirk on her face. Last week, after months of humiliation, Mickie says that Madi went too far. At Lockdown, on Sunday, there is no way out. She is going to beat her within an inch of her life inside that cage and show her exactly how HARDCORE COUNTRY she can be! Oh it is on like a bad perm! Rawr!

Later in the show, we see Velvet walking down to the ring with a purpose, shaking her head. She still can’t believe this issue going on. She doesn’t even bother to let the pigeons loose this week, keeping them caged for safe keeping. Vel Vel wastes no time in getting a microphone and tells Angelina she’s going to give her one chance to get her ass out there and explain herself. She says if she doesn’t like what she has to say, she will not hold back from whooping that ass. Within a second, Winter’s theme song hits and Angelina makes her way to the ring, completely zombified. Her eyes are darkened and she looks malnourished almost. It’s a bit scary but she’s still pretty.

She slinks into the ring like a creature and automatically walks right up to Velvet who pushes her back, telling her to hold on. Velvet demands to know what’s wrong with her but Angelina just keeps coming until Velvet knocks her back with a forearm to the chest. Still, she keeps coming and Vel Vel knocks her back again, but this time, Angelina snaps. She rushes her TBP partner and takes her down with a harsh spear, nailing her with closed fists. With absolutely no chance in facial reaction, Angelina gets out of the ring in a calm manner and retrieves a chair, getting back in the ring. Velvet, still groggy from the attack, slowly gets up just in time for Angelina to get a grip on her. I think I like Angelina like this. No emotion. Just raw attack. I love it.

Dropping Velvet with backbreaker across the knees, Angelina slowly crawls for the chair and sets it up, coming to her feet. She pulls Velvet over and with a stone cold look into the camera, drops her flat with a DDT, right on the chair. Cue the creepy face again and she turns her attention to the ramp, where Winter has walked out. She beckons Angelina with the curve of the index finger and her minion comes a’calling. Winter is smiling with absolute approval while they leave Velvet lying in the ring. So much for whoopin’ that ass, huh Velvet? Maybe next time, doll.

Thoughts: Again, I just have to say…I love Angelina’s crazy, nonchalant zombie character. This development in the TBP/Winter storyline has gone exactly as I wanted it to. I love the idea of creepy Winter controlling Angelina to get back at Velvet. It is definitely interesting and intriguing. It keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next week. Now, as for the Mickie/Madison/Tara angle…I would love to see Mickie rip out Madison’s weave. But, I would also love to see Mickie get her head shaved. Do I think she will? No. I think this will be the time that Mickie finally takes home the gold but it would be fun if Madison tried to shave her head anyway. I see a Tara face turn coming soon, what about you guys? What did you guys think of this week’s episode of Impact? Tell me about it. Until this Sunday, lovies! xoxo

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