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Impact Write-Up (April 24th, 2014): Gail Turns the Tide Before Sacrifice

Hey guys! Unless you thought you were here for a Iggy Azalea release party, You know it’s time for our weekly doze of Impact Wrestling goodness! I’m Chris (or as ECIII calls me THAT Chris) and I’ll be your tour guide through the wondrous adventure that is Impact! We’re on the last stop before Madison Rayne defends the Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love this Sunday at the Sacrifice PPV! What will twists and turns will occur on the go-home show? Let’s fire up the train and find out!

Speaking of Angelina, she’s up first with her partner in crime, Velvet Sky in a backstage segment. In classic Beautiful People fashion, they threaten to give Madison a makeover later on in the show!

Up next, Madison calls out both Angelina and Velvet!

Woah, I really enjoyed this segment! I loved the aggression that Madison showed and I really enjoyed the return of the Beautiful People “Make Over” and wait… is that… It’s Brittany! Oh wait, I’m sorry… BRITTTTTTANYYYY! But as excited I am to see Brittany, she’s quickly disposed of by T.B.P. and they end up giving the paper bag treatment to Madison!

Aah, I feel like it’s 2008 all over again. We head to a commercial but Knockouts goodness is certainly not over with as after the break we find out that during the commercial Madison and Brittany ran into Gail Kim backstage!

So I also thought that this backstage segment was really well done. I have been waiting ever since Gail came back almost three years ago for a face turn! I should point out that Gail is denying it being a face turn on Twitter, stating that she just wants to help someone she has respect for, but personally I definitely feel like this is going to be a long term thing. Wait… Brittany seems a little bit…clingy towards Madison! Could we be seeing the seeds be planted for a future angle between these two? If you listen to Diva Dirt Weekly you know we’ve been talking about this potentially being a storyline for weeks so it’s great to finally see the hints being planted!

Is that still not enough Knockouts goodness for you? But wait, there’s more! It’s a proverbial Knockouts tag team dream match as The Beautiful People take on the former BFFs, Gail & Madison!

For the first time in a long time I felt a bit of a ” big fight feel” for this one. Arguably two of the greatest Knockouts tag teams ever facing off for the first time ever. I really thought that these four had a good chemistry going and it added another element going into the PPV this Sunday. I really want to point out the finish because Velvet throws Gail into the apron making this sick thud! Angelina rolls up Madison with the tights for the three and gets a victory over the Knockouts Champion going into their title match this Sunday at Sacrifice!

But who comes out of Sacrifice with the Knockouts Championship? Personally, I think Madison will retain and then drop the belt to Angelina at Slammiversary in a multi-girl match involving Velvet, Gail, and possibly Brittany. I wanna close out this week by saying I think it was a really positive week for the Knockouts, I thought this had some great storyline advancement and I look forward to see if my prediction about Madison retaining comes true, or if Angelina becomes a six-time champion!

But I want to know, Who do you think will walk away with the Knockouts Championship on Sunday? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Sacrifice, Choo choo!

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