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Impact Write-Up (April 7th, 2011): Oh Snap! Madison Plows Through the Competiton…

Last week, during iMPACT!, we saw a singles match between two rival Knockouts, battling for the affection of a drugged out and clearly twitterpated, blonde Canadian. It saw a sad defeat and a declaration of rescue, made by a scorned best friend, set for vengeance. This week, our beloved Beautiful People are set to challenge for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships, in hopes of possibly rekindling the fire of their friendship. Will we see a positive reunion between the two blonde BFFs or has the sinister wicked witch finally ripped them apart for good? There is only one way to find out. Saddle up, boys and girls.

skip to the 6:30 minute mark.

Our first major glimpse of Knockouts action comes in the form of a backstage segment that shows Angelina Love, with her back to the camera. Winter is at her side, clearly stressed out and attempting to persuade Angelina, once again, that Velvet Sky does not care about her. She states that Velvet doesn’t have Angelina’s best interest at heart like she does. She tells Angelina that she loves her and will always be there for her. With a twirl of the chair, that damn mystery red cup rears its ugly head and Winter tells her new playtoy to drink her drink, it will calm her nerves. I’m pretty sure the only one needing calming of ther nerves here is Winter. Give that woman some prozac or something. Perhaps even a straight jacket will do the trick.

A bit later, we come back from commercial to see the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Sarita and Rosita, set to defend their titles for the first time. Sarita boast taunts the crowd and even gives little cousin Rosita a scrub to the head, which as imagined, did not float over well. Out next, are The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky..or well, just Velvet. She comes out in her crush velvet purple attire but has to go back and get the stoned Angelina, guiding her to the stage. I just want to say that I love Angelina’s attire and her make-up, even if it is made to make her seem like a zombie of sorts. It’s a glamour zombie style. Anyway, Velvet forces them to pose together and Angelina walks ahead of her, wasting little time getting to the ring with Velvet trying to get her attention.

Velvet, still striving to bring Angelina back to life, goes to the ropes but A. Love just stands at the corner of the ring, staring into space. Velvet hops down and guides Angelina up onto the apron, reminding her to jiggle her booty but Angelina isn’t budging. As much as we all appreciate her efforts, there will be no loosening of the pigeons this week. Sarita, throwing her forearm into Velvet’s back, cements that fact. Very smart yet bitchy move on Sarita’s part. Nonetheless, this match is started and Sarita is giving the boots to Vel Vel. She pins her against the ropes and throws a sharp right hand, taking her down, using the ropes for leverage. However, they bounce between the ropes and Sarita goes for a springboard crossbody but Velvet ducks, going against the ropes herself. A nice low dropkick to the face and Sarita tags in Rosita, which gives Velvet the opportunity to beat her down.

What do you get when you add an atomic drop with a faceplant bulldog? One angry blonde. Har Har. A rough but nice charging clothesline and Velvet is ready to tag in Angelina, but Angelina isn’t moving. She simply stares ahead, not even blinking when Winter comes out on the stage. She yells to get A. Love’s attention and instantly, Velvet goes on the defensive. Slowly, Angelina turns around and with a simple motion gesture signifying a snap in half, Angelina drops Velvet’s throat down on the top rope. I want that kind of power over someone. Hmm…makes you wonder.

Angelina, as if flipped on like a switch, slides into the ring and just begins wailing on the fallen Velvet. But it is quick because Angelina’s attention goes back to Winter, who apparently approves of her minion’s work. Walking up the ramp, eye contact locked, Angelina walks away from the match and from her partner. This gives little Rosita the perfect chance to steal the win with a three count, winning the match and retaining the titles for the Loco Latinas.

skip to the 8:45 minute mark.

Later in the show, we see Madison Rayne and Tara walking outside the building. Tara, not cool with what the champion has planned, lets her know that she has gone insane. She tells her she isn’t going to do this. Madison, applying her authority, jerks Tara back and quick on the draw, Tara tells her to get her hands off of her. Madison tells her that if it wasn’t for her, Tara wouldn’t even have a job right now. Who brought her back? Madison did but if Tara wants to go back to scrubbing toilets then she can. She is sure she was good at it. However, right now, they have another job to do. Tara, suddenly looking like a beaten puppy, doesn’t do much to fight back and Madison hands her the bike helmet she was holding. “We have a job to do.” Then tells her to go but Tara begins to protest, stating she was not comfortable with what they’re about to do. But this gives Madison another chance to bark orders and the two of them get on the bike, driving off. God only knows what they have planned. But I can say that Madison is looking extremely cute this week. Haha.

A bit later, in the parking lot, we see Tara’s crotch rocket laying on the ground on top of a fallen Mickie James. Madison starts screaming for her bodyguard to get up and then runs off while Tara hops on the bike and speeds off after her. The camera man, bless him, sets his equipment down and runs to Mickie’s side, screaming for help. When we come back from a commercial, we’re shown a little precursor to the actual accident, then it flashes to TNA personnel around Mickie. Mickie is writhing in pain and they’re telling her not to move until they can get EMTs on the scene. It seems like Madison has finally got what she wanted, having run all of her competition into the ground. Literally.

Thoughts: Wow. Well, I can definitely say that I’m glad Angelina finally snapped on Velvet. I was waiting for it to happen and it was actually quite precise. I imagine there is definitely more to come on that front but since I don’t look into the future, we’ll have to see. I prefer the element of surprise. I definitely love the look and the fact that when Angelina was given “the sign”, her look on her face changed. You could sense the malice in her eyes and I think it came off quite well for a drugged zombie under mind-control. As far as Madison running Mickie over. Um..what the hell?! Who runs someone over with a crotch rocket? I mean, seriously? I can’t say that I’m surprised because we all know how dirty Madison can be but this one takes the cake. I was really hoping Tara would finally smack her but didn’t happen. I’m curious to see how this gets played out and if Mickie will make it to Lockdown on the 17th. What did you guys think of this week’s episode of Impact? Tell me about it. Until next week, lovies. xoxo

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