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Impact Write-Up (August 30th, 2012): The Killer Queen Faces a Champion, But Not the One We’re Thinking Of!

Hello there loyal Impact Write Up brethren. Lend me your eyes as you read through this weeks faithful recap of all things Knockout related from last nights episode of Impact Wrestling! We sadly had no follow up between last week’s actions regarding TNT, but we did get to see the Killer Queen, Madison Rayne face off against the (FINALLY!) returning to action, ODB! Not only that, but ODB also gets a little frisky when the match is over… and on that note, let us begin!

Our Killer Queen heads to the ring for a special announcement up next! Following a brief Taco Bell commercial that I had to mention for the sheer randomness of it, we are taken to the entrance of the woman who will break our heart and tear it apart just to watch us scream, Madison Rayne! She steps into the ring next to special referee, Taryn Terrell who must have it in her contract that she only got entrances two weeks in a row. Madison grabs the microphone and enlightens us that earlier this week, she received a phone call from Brooke Hogan, who told her that she would be competing tonight. Miss Rayne believes that Brooke has granted her a rematch for the Knockouts Title that SOMEONE (cough, Taryn) cost her two weeks ago.

Madison calls out the champion, and that she gets… but not in the form of Miss Tessmacher. It’s ODB! Finally! ODB has a microphone (and flask), as she tells the little princess that Brooke Hogan called her too. ODB was also told she had a match tonight, as Madison hilariously tries to state this isn’t happening. ODB claims the bitch is back! She slides into the ring as Madison tells her to hold on because she’s not ready yet. Rayne tells hotpants Terrell to do her job, keep ODB back, and ring the bell so she can make this trailer park trash famous for a bit! The bell is rung, as ODB spits her drink in the face of Madison and scores with a few takedowns. ODB with a splash in the corner and hits the BAM for the win! Record time!

After the match, Eric Young comes out from the back in a suit with some KFC and beer like ODB’s been requesting for weeks. She eyes the suit down a little, seeming to not like what she sees. ODB asks where the hell he’s been, as he claims he’s been in Hollywood with his new fishing show. EY does at least grant her the beer and chicken she asked for months ago, which she appreciates… but ODB wants to know who the hell he’s become. She then questions where the man she married is, and he seems to come to his senses by disrobing from the suit to reveal a pair of American themed trunks. ODB then approves of what she sees as she jumps on him, chicken in hand, and the two make out to end the segment!

Thoughts: Not much to say really. I honestly don’t mind that the match was really short because it’s not like that’s a weekly occurrence or anything. Madison and ODB entertained me through their mic work and that’s what I love to see. On the other hand, I do hate that there was absolutely no follow through between Tara and Miss Tessmacher. What was the point of last week? But it was really nice to see a fresh face competing as it’s been forever since ODB (or Rosita or Sarita or Winter or Mickie or Taeler Hendrix) were featured in a match. Overall, a fun night and something different for sure, but still a bit bummed there wasn’t at least a backstage segment between TNT. Maybe next week?

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