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Impact Write-Up (February 13th, 2014): The Alpha Female Emerges

Hey guys, it’s Chris here! Welcome to this week’s edition of the Impact Write-Up! This week we’re still on the never-ending UK tour and we’ve got a lot of really interesting Knockouts action, so let’s get to it!

We kick off the show with the one and only TNA President, Dixie Carter and the rest of Team Dixie cutting a promo on the new TNA Investor, MVP.

Up next is a backstage segment with Dixie and Velvet Sky. Velvet asks Dixie to call off her match with Chris Sabin Dixie refuses, claiming Velvet can’t just sit around and do nothing.

Christy Hemme had another creepy backstage segment with Dexter… Um, I mean Sam Shaw. I’m pretty sure Shaw is never going to wash his hand again. Way to stay sanitary.

Up next is what I thought was the first ever Boyfriend vs Girlfriend match in TNA history, until I remembered the unsung classic that was vs Cody Deaner, as Velvet Sky takes on Chris Sabin.

Sabin offers Velvet a free shot, which she refuses. Sabin then once again closes his eyes and is hit by a low blow from Velvet! But wait, Sabin has come prepared knowing that a ” little hussy” like Velvet would try to pull something along those lines, and is wearing a cup! That would be great, except for the fact that he turns around and gets another low blow from Velvet! Velvet then starts to beat on Sabin, but then turns around to meet the debuting ! Alpha hits Velvet with a wicked looking boot and then locks her in the Full Nelson! Sabin and Alpha celebrate to end the segment, with Velvet seemingly knocked out from the Full Nelson.

I enjoyed this week’s episode of Impact for what it was. I thought the Velvet/Sabin segment was a good way to debut Alpha, and I look forward to what she brings to the division in the coming weeks. However, this is the second week in a row that we haven’t seen the Knockouts Champion, on the show. I realize this is just the nature of how the company operates with girls on TV one week and off the next, sometimes for months at a time, but certainly it’s important to keep your champion fresh in the minds of your viewers. Hopefully, Madison’s on the show next week along with . Honestly, it’s just weird seeing a episode of Impact without her.

Finally, I leave you with the show ending segment between Dixie Carter and MVP, normally I wouldn’t feel the need to include this, but no one should miss their chance to check out Dixie’s ability to fling file folders in a fit of rage.

Until next week, choo choo darlins.

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