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Who is Wrestling’s Greatest Couple? Round 1: Melina/John Morrison vs. ODB/Eric Young

Wrestling has featured some of the most beloved and unconventional couples in entertainment, from “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They’re all memorable in their own ways, but whose love is the greatest of all?

We took your nominations and some of our own to create the 16-team bracket. Each team will compete for your votes until one is left standing.

Round One, Match One

Kicking off the tournament is a match pitting the narcissistic Melina/John Morrison against the unapologetic ODB/Eric Young.

Melina and Morrison’s romantic pairing dated back to their days in OVW, reemerging in the WWE when MNM split up in 2006. Their love of red carpets and the paparazzi made them compatible from the start, and their ring entrance – with Morrison sliding into the ring between Melina’s legs – always sent the cameras flashing.

ODB and Eric Young first paired up in the ring, but the relationship soon turned romantic, the two getting hitched in a steel cage on a 2012 episode of Impact. With almost two years of marriage and a Knockouts Tag Team Title reign under their belts, ODB and EY have become one of the most successful pairings in wrestling.

Which of these couples deserves to advance? Cast your vote below:

View the full bracket below:

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