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Impact Write-Up (February 14th, 2013): The Blossom Twins Impress, Brooke Hogan Sets the Stage for Next Week

Greetings all, and welcome to another edition of the recap that brings forth weekly happenings from the always exciting, always captivating Impact Wrestling. On tonight’s show, we’ve got a pretty insane lineup as some fresh faces get a tryout of sorts in that of The Blossom Twins. Hannah and Holly, two females noted for their work in OVW and amongst promotions in the UK team up with Party Marty, who I don’t know much about other than that he (alongside the two twins and another wrestler named Rockstar Spud) were recently a part of TNA’s “Tough Enough” type concept, British Boot Camp. Spud ended up winning the series, but the Saint of Life, Dixie Carter wanted to give the three young hopefuls another chance to impress the crowd and win a contract with the company.

Because of this, Party Marty and The Blossom Twins will be facing off against Gail Kim, Jesse, and the Knockouts champ, Tara in a mixed tag team bout tonight. Now on the womens side, there may be no better test than combining the reigning title holder with the knockout who has held it the longest. On the mens side though, I’m not sure if Jesse is who Party Marty’s performance should be judged against due to how new he is himself and how few televised matches he’s actually been in, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best. With that being said, I shall now jump right into the action which you can witness by scrolling down below:

We head to the ring as Christy Hemme and Christy Hemme’s spiked shoulder pads announce the match type and first team to come out from the curtain. Out walks Party Marty and the brilliance that is the Blossom Twins who have seemingly denounced their hometowns and moved to a new area called “British Bootcamp” per Christy Hemme. Following a set of fist bumps and a recap of their journey during the show, the addiction known as “Puppet on a String” plays, which accompanies the entrance of Gail Kim. Hollywood’s Greatest Couple’s reunited entrance concludes the walking down the ramp festivities, and thankfully the cameras do everything they can to hide that always awful font used in their titantron from hitting my eyes.

All six now stand in the ring, as Taryn Terrell rings the bell and gets things underway. It seems that Jesse and Party Marty (I love typing that name) will begin, as Jesse flexes and hits a shoulder tackle. Party Marty scores with a kick, a snapmare, and another kick! He begins the crowd with their much involved clapping, and with Jesse in the corner, he looks to charge forward and nail a flying type move. Party Marty is too smart for me though, as he instead opts to stop right in front of Jesse and simply smack him across the face. Jesse is not amused with Party Marty, but that doesn’t seem to matter because Marty moonsaults right out of the corner and lands a near fall on Tara’s Hollywood Boo.

After a brief commercial, Party Marty seems to be attempting a sad variation of the can-can, which scares Jesse right into tagging Tara. She climbs into the ring, as Party Marty tags into Blossom number one (sorry ladies, but I have no idea which one is legal right now), and she hits a few armdrags. A dropkick follows, but only gains a two count. Blossom #1 tags out to Blossom #2 (I don’t trust anything Taz says so I can’t even go by their commentary) and the duo deliver a nice double team sidewalk slam for a near fall. Tara tags out to Gail Kim, who straight up walks towards Blossom #2 and looks to take her down. Unfortunately for her, Blossom #2 fires up with some shots and a flying reverse elbow from the turnbuckle for a near fall!

Gail now gains the advantage for a brief moment as she attempts a bodyslam that Blossom #2 counters by falling on top of her. Jesse distracts the referee long enough for Blossom #2 to be kicked in the back by Tara and allowing Kim to take control. Tag out to the champ, as Tara walks back in and fires away on the poor Blossom. She throws Blossom #2 down by the hair, before slamming her into Gail’s boot and tagging out again. Gail with a sick backbreaker to the knee, with the crowd getting behind Blossom #2 in her struggle against Gail. Kim now hits her flying side crossbody in the corner, but only musters up a dos count. Tara tags into the action, kicks Blossom #2 in the abdomen, and continues the evil duo’s attempts to pin this defiant Blossom. Taz for some reason calls out the Blossom Twin on being green (I won’t use his exact wording), despite the fact the twins have been in wrestling since 2005. But we won’t let Taz interrupt this match, as it’s Blossom #2 that gets the knees up and stops Tara’s attempt at a moonsault. Tags made to Gail and Blossom #1!

The Blossom gets a huge showing on Kim and Tara, scoring with some clotheslines to one and a sick kick to the other. With Tara down, the Blossom Twins flapjack Gail right on top of her! The twins follow it up with one running off the ropes and climbing onto the others shoulder, before getting shoved off and flying right down onto Gail in splash formation! This gets them just a two count yet again despite how cool it looked, but that doesn’t stop them from kicking Tara to the outside. Jesse now walks in and either attempts to hit one of the Blossoms, or strike fear into her by flexing. Either way though, he’s removed from the equation by Party Marty’s missile dropkick! Marty flies to the outside in scary formation, as back inside the ring, Gail drills Blossom #1 with the Eat Defeat for the victory.

After the bout, Gail has a microphone. She claims that this was proof of her dominance over the division, and also thanks Taryn for actually doing a good job tonight and not being her usual incompetent blond bimbo self! (Oh Gail, you used harsher words than I would have but thank you for that.) Kim turns her sight to Tara… more importantly, Tara’s Knockouts title. She says that Mizz Hogan has arranged for Tara to defend the strap next week, then opting to call Brooke Hogan out and announce Kim as the challenger. Brooke’s theme hits (RELEASE IT ALREADY) and I immediately start picturing a group of southerners in straw hats doing a hoedown (No offense to anyone who may do that… and I only say it because I’m from the south so I feel like it’s justified.)

Brooke walks out from the back looking great, as she lets Gail know that she’s getting her shot at the title! …That’s not it though. She’s adding Brooke Tessmacher to the mix as well! Tessmacher walks out from the back, and really anything that gets me the chance to hear her theme song again is alright in my book. So it looks to be Brooke vs. Gail vs. Tara set for next week… but Brooke Hogan isn’t done yet. She’s now making this match a four way and adding Velvet Sky to the group as well! This will not JUST be a four way match though, but an elimination match. AND Brooke Hogan will be sitting ringside watching over them to make sure no sort of injustice happens. Say what you want, but Brooke’s coming through with great decisions and a stacked knockouts bout set for next week. I approve!

Thoughts: Awesome! Tonight felt so different than the usual Knockout Thursdays feel (and those aren’t even bad by any means). I guess what I mean to say is it felt so fresh and new that it made me more interested in where things stand with the division. If tonight was a test for the Blossoms, they passed with flying colors as far as I’m concerned. The duo is exactly what we need if the Knockouts Tag Team Titles ever want to rise from the grave of obscurity in ODB and Eric Young’s near year long reign. They’re fun to watch, have great double team moves, and really connected with the crowd. Okay, I know that the crowd actually got to see British Bootcamp play out on their TV’s and thus had some familiarity with the duo and Party Marty, but I was still very impressed with how well they worked against Gail and Tara.

Next week looks to be huge as well with a four way elimination match for the title. Immediately, this already feels different than the many four way’s we’ve gotten in the past from the knockouts because this one has elimination rules tacked on, and thus whoever wins will have no complaints that someone was treated unfairly by not being the woman pinned. Knowing how much these four have worked against each other, I have no doubt that next week is going to be a great match and get plenty of time. Here’s to hoping it’s treated as a big moment and they get lots of hype for it during the broadcast since it’s already being announced a week in advance! I’m talking match graphics, backstage segments/shots of them stretching (you know it’ll happen anyways, so let’s embrace it), and as much as I do not endorse any form of commentary that Taz brings, let’s get some tale of the tape rundowns for each of the four. Okay, maybe I’m asking too much and in reality will be satisfied even if none of that happens, but it’s the thought that counts right?

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