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Impact Write-Up (January 16th, 2015): Sugar, Spice and a Whole Lot of Nice

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up, now being featured on Saturdays following Impact’s move to Friday nights. So for those of you who may have forgotten about Impact’s new night or who may simply not have Destination America in your homes (yet) fear not, for we will recap all the Knockouts action that took place last night.

After making a marvelous return to TNA last week, Brooke is back in action this week and she’s teaming up with the Knockouts Champion Taryn Terell to take on the team of The Beautiful People while also looking for some payback towards her former beau and The Amazing Race partner Robbie E. Before we get into the match, we go backstage to meet with Brooke, who has a few choice words for her ex- “classless Jersey douchebag” boyfriend. Contrary to what Robbie may have said last week about Brooke holding the back #TheWrestlers during The Amazing Race, Brooke fires back claiming she was the one that truly carried the team to go as far as they did. She hysterically impersonates Robbie’s rants during their experience but says while she can go on all day about the topic at hand, she’d much rather let her actions speak louder for her.

Brooke makes her way to the ring with a spring in her step, almost as if she wasn’t absent for most of the last year. She is soon joined by the sugar to her spice, Taryn Terell who compliments her golden Knockouts title with some matching gold attire. Their opponents, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky make their way to the ring next and are accompanied by their onscreen boyfriends of Jessie Godderz and Robbie E with DJ Z. Before the bell rings to official start this Knockouts tag match, the Beautiful Bros have to take a quick selfie with the help of the ingenious selfie stick, which is just ideal for short armed selfie takers.

All fun aside, it’s time to get down to business with this match. Things start off with Brooke and Angelina (oh boy) but gets cut short when Brooke wastes little time going after Robbie. He leads her outside the ring and back in to the ring where Angelina manages an ambush attack. The strategy does not fully go as planned as Brooke manages to gain control of the match, taking Angelina out with an elbow to the face and a quick dropkick. Looking for an escape, Angelina knees Brooke in the midsection and tags in her partner. A drop toe hold by Brooke takes Velvet down and Brooke is once again in control of the match. She arm drags Velvet to the corner of Taryn to make a tag and the champion begins quick work on Velvet with a series of forearm shots and a swinging neck breaker. Angelina runs in to the ring to make a save but is stopped in her tracks when Taryn delivers a front face supplex.

Tag team offense comes into place when Brooke joins her partner in the ring and the two deliver a double drop kick to each of member of The Beautiful People, taking them outside the ring. From the outside, the BroMans try and comfort their ladies are disrupted when Taryn hits a flying cross body from the top turnbuckle onto all the members of The BeautifulBros. She pulls Velvet from the laid out bodies and brings her back into the ring to partially connect a flying clothesline from the turnbuckle. Taryn makes another tag and now it is Brooke who tries her luck from the turnbuckle but climbs off when Robbie gets in the way of her plan, climbing onto the ring apron. She delivers a slap to Robbie but is distracted long enough for Velvet to sneak behind with a school girl pin for the win. A pre-recorded Christy Hemme voice over announces The Beautiful People as the winners but before any celebration can take place, out goes the lights.

When the lights do come back on, standing in the middle of the ring is the one and only Mean Queen K known as Awesome Kong looking to do some serious damage to her previous foes. Kong cleans out the ring of The Beautiful People with no trouble at all and even manages to nail a choke slam to DJ Z who gives Kong anything but a warm welcome back. With everyone seemingly out the ring, dubstep music hits the area and Havok makes her way to the ring for a face to face confrontation with Kong following their encounter from the previous week. An army of security guards hold back these Amazon Knockouts from doing any real damage to one another, leaving us with another week to soak in more tension between these ruthless Knockouts before they eventually meet in the ring in their own match.

Thoughts: Oh how I have missed Brooke in TNA!

For starters, I absolutely loved Brooke’s interview before the tag match. Even though I didn’t watch the last season of The Amazing Race, I still found that it was humorous, refreshing and it helps continue to build this ongoing feud between Brooke and Robbie and the rest of the BroMans clan.

As for the tag match, I was almost expecting something to be out of place given how long it had been since Brooke has been out of action, add that to the fact that there still may be some kind of potential real life tension between Brooke and The Beautiful People but the match proved to be short and sweet. With the BeautifulBros getting the win this week, it’s now up to Brooke to find a way to even the odds up.

However, I still have to question as to why Taryn was the one chosen to be Brooke’s tag partner. It seems a bit random in my opinion to throw the Knockouts champion into an intergender feud when she should be in her own feud against another contender but I can only assume that Taryn being a top babyface and all was the reason for this pairing. I’m still waiting on that title rematch for Havok.

Speaking of Havok, the ongoing tension between her and the returning Awesome Kong seems to be the real big Knockouts feud going on at the moment. I think it’s great whenever we can get a feud that doesn’t have to surround a title in the equation. While I personally think that both Kong and Havok could have taken out the guards that were trying to separate them, I’m glad that TNA are marinating the feud slowly for fans that are excited to see these two powerful women finally go at it.

So another building block week for the current feuds happening with Knockouts. Keep the momentum going TNA and until next week, hasta luego Knockouts fans!

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