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Impact Write-Up (January 23rd, 2014): The Dixie Carter Experience

Hello readers! Welcome to a shortened edition of the Impact Write-Up, while we didn’t have a actual Knockouts match on the show, we had some girls on the show, so let’s get to it!

We kick off the show with the one and only, Dixie Carter and her usual crew as well as her incredibly bitchy attorney. All this talk of a new investor makes me long for a return of the only and only Miss to have my dream feud with the leader of Dixieland. Also, I’d just like to state once again that Rockstar Spud stole my gimmick.

After another of the Dixie backstage segments, It’s time for the World’s greatest actress, . So first we have a clip from Impact 365, Which I quite honestly often forget exists. The segment is Velvet, appearing to have just woke up, getting a gift set from Chris Sabin
that included a teddy bear and a lead pipe. After this show, I needed the lead pipe. Watching this, I was highly assumed by the shots of little Velvet in this cage without a care in the world, acting like she was attending a Spice Girls reunion concert.

We’ve got some more Dixie in the main event title match.

Other than that, that is all for the Knockouts this week. After this show I believe TNA tapes something ridiculous like six straight weeks of TV from the UK next week, so that should be a hoot! Dixie’s investor will be revealed and I’m secretly hoping for the return of !

Until next week, Choo choo!

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