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Impact Write-Up (January 26th, 2016): A Beating is Fundamental

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. The raging battle between The Beautiful People and The Dollhouse continues this week in a one-on-one contest between Velvet Sky and the mean queen Awesome Kong. Elsewhere on this week’s program, a new Knockout by the name of Rosemary makes her TNA debut and makes her presence felt in a “decaying” manner, to say the least.

Kicking off this week’s show is our newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight champion Matt Hardy, alongside with his wife Reby Sky and their appointed babysitter Tyrus. Who needs an at home babysitter when you’re the TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

The couples get an earful from Jeff Hardy after they deliberately sent him away during last week’s main event. Reby stands her ground and says that it was all done with reason: Matt needed to stop putting other people’s happiness before his own.

After some heated name calling and accusations thrown to one another, it was decided that these feuding brothers would settle things in the ring during this the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight title.

We move on from that broken home to one that is more united. Awesome Kong has pulled her doll students Marti Bell, Jade and Rebel backstage to give them a quick lesson as to how Kong runs her house.

Kong still has her sights on Gail Kim‘s Knockouts Title. She plans on taking back what should be hers with the help of her dolls but for now, Kong will settle with getting a bit of revenge.

The tripping folks at TNA have prevented anyone to be at ringside for this Knockouts match but Kong isn’t worried as she vows that Velvet won’t be able to walk out of the ring by the end of the night. She instructs her dolls to sit back and enjoy seeing her take Velvet to school.

As Kong heads out to the ring for her match, the rest of the Dollhouse begin a very catchy “Whose house? Kong’s house” chant! Hearing this side of Kong makes me wish TNA would have allowed her to speak sooner in her career; she’s a natural at it.

Our Knockout match of the night starts off with Kong landing the first strike the back of Velvet. She tries to follow up with a second attack but Velvet escapes Kong’s clutch with a jawbreaker counter. Velvet keeps her momentum going with several kicks to Kong, all of which keep Kong standing.

Velvet runs the ropes, looking to hit a quick attack but is stopped in her tracks when Kong counters with a shoulder block. The maneuver causes Velvet to slide to the outside of the ring so that she can catch her breath but Kong follows right behind.

Kong makes quick work of Velvet during their outside ring encounter, tossing Velvet’s head onto the ring apron and then sending her to the steel steps that close by to inflict some damage to a shoulder.

After the outside scuffle, Kong throws Velvet back to ring, taking aim towards her as she rests on a corner turnbuckle. The Dollhouse leader charges after her but Velvet manages to get out the way. The missed attack allows for Velvet to strike Kong again with another set of kicks and even go for a bulldog to which Kong manages to counter using her strength to send Velvet head first to a turnbuckle.

Velvet falls flat back on the mat, setting her up for a running splat from Kong but Velvet rolls out the way just in time. After hitting a quick DDT to Kong, Velvet goes for pin but only earns a two count. Shortly after, Velvet goes for a second pin cover after hitting a bulldog to Kong but still falls a second short to the three count.

Taking a chance, Velvet then decides to climb the second rope of a turnbuckle for a high flying attack but gets caught mid flight by Kong, who drops her like a sack of potatoes. Kong follows with a second attempt at a running splat, successfully hitting the move this time around.

Kong goes for the cover and just when it would appear that Kong had the match won, she breaks the count herself by lifting Velvet by the hair. Kong decides she wants to win the match via Implant Buster and does so after setting up Velvet for it and hitting it with ease for the three count.

Post-match, Kong isn’t done with Velvet and wants to inflict more damage but in comes Madison Rayne to save her Beautiful People member teammate. The Queen Bee hits a dropkick to Kong and swings her fist to a cornered Kong. Unfortunately, the numbers game works against The Beautiful People yet again as the rest of The Dollhouse run to the ring to beat down Madison.

After Jade hits her packaged piledriver to Madison, the Dollhouse trap Madson in the ring so that she can witness up close as Kong obliterate her tag team partner. From the second rope of the turnbuckle, Kong flies off and hits a huge splash to an already weakened Velvet Sky, crushing her body. The Dollhouse end their night by clamoring that same chant from earlier in the night, “Whose house? Kong’s house”.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are the second wrestling couple to grace our television screen this week. They interrupt the winners of the “Feast or Fired” match as they get ready to reveal what is in each of their cases.

For his part, Miracle Mike says you don’t need take any chances when you’re a walking miracle; life just comes easier for you. Instead, he’ll enjoy seeing who ends up getting the pink slip.

Drew Galloway stands up (pun intended) to Mike and tells him he has yet to prove himself unlike him who is willing to take risks. Maria informs the entire room that she and her husband are actually doing a favor by joining the company. The pair make their exit but not before warning Drew to watch his step. The next time he decides to disrespect them, he’ll need a miracle to survive.

For those of you keeping score at home, it was revealed that Grado was the one who got the “Fired” briefcase this year. Was he even officially a part of TNA’s roster?

After being ambushed in a blind attack conducted by Crazzy Steve, The Wolves call out TNA’s resident clown to give back their tag team titles he stole with his accomplices. A mysterious woman answers The Wolves call with a riddle on how they’re all mad in their world.

The Wolves look puzzled but approach the mysterious Rosemary when they spy Crazzy Steve. Just before any confrontation can begin, the final member of this official Decay tag team is revealed when the music from the monster Abyss hits. He stands by his face painted duo as we prepare for a tag team match up.

In midst of this tag team match between The Wolves and new tag team The Decay, Rosemary reappears at the entrance ramp and grabs the attention of The Wolves by lifting their tag team titles in the air. The distraction causes The Wolves to lose focus of the match, causing Eddie Edwards to be taken out with a Black Hole from Abyss and Davey Richards to be blinded by a black mist, which causes a DQ, from Crazzy Steve as well as green mist from Rosemary.

The Decay celebrate their sick attack against the TNA tag team champions, sending a message that they have their eyes set on the tag team gold!

TNA’s power couple close our show this week in the Hardy vs. Hardy main event match… or rather brawl as the main event never actually takes place as King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young interrupts the match to take out Jeff with the help of Bram. Cue in Beer Money, Kurt Angle and The Decay to make the save for their particular heel and face side.

The night ends with Matt and Reby witnessing Jeff take a piledriver from Eric Young through a table, severely injuring him. The couple seem unfazed by all this and are rather relived to not have to deal with the more “noble” Hardy.

Thoughts: The Knockouts put on a very short and simple match this week. Not a whole to go on other than the fact that The Dollhouse continue to be the dominant Knockouts faction in the division. In one way, I’m glad to see the group looking a lot stronger than they did before during their feud with Gail Kim but where else can they go with The Beautiful People at this point? Unless The Beautiful People can manage to recruit new members to join them, they’ll continue to be outnumbered and in a losing battle against the Dollhouse.

At first, I was a bit skeptical of Kong joining The Dollhouse just because I was unsure how TNA would handle Kong as the group’s new leader but up to this point, I have really loved seeing Kong play this role! She’s providing a whole new side to her character other than the usual silent monster and I really think her direction has rebuild the group’s reputation. She’s fun and she is bringing out more from her dolls when compared to Taryn Terrell’s leadership. I want to keep seeing more of Kong in these little backstage promos.

Out of all the new female managers that have made their way to TNA up to this point, I will say that Rosemary is the most interesting of them all. She provides a different kind of character to the Knockouts and I really enjoyed her involvement in the tag team match between The Wolves and The Decay. I’ve always believed that The Menagerie should have been a dark heel carny stable and although this may not exactly be “carny”, I think both Rosemary and Crazzy Steve can make the most of their gimmicks. Sort of like a new Joker and Harley Quinn duo with Abyss as their muscle backup.

Another point to Rosemary’s addition to the Knockouts roster is that she comes across as the most ring experience compared to Raquel, Reby and Maria. When the time comes, I do look forward to seeing the former Courtney Rush will interact with the other Knockouts but for now, like all the female managers, she will be sidelined with her male counterparts.

That’s it for this week Knockout fans, hasta luego!

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