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Impact Write-Up (January 9th, 2014): Gail and Tapa Do Dixie’s Bidding

Hello, Knockouts fans! I’m filling in for Chris this week, which just so happens to be a very Knockout-light week. All we got, Knockout-wise, was in backstage segments.

Fortunately for Dixie Carter fans (I know you’re out there!), she wall all over the show. If you want to check her out, watch the show in full. Seriously.

Our first Knockout sighting came when Dixie had an ominous conversation with Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and her heavy, Lei’D Tapa:

The next thing we know, Tapa is seen attacking ODB backstage, all in an effort to distract her husband Eric Young. He bails on his teammate Joseph Park mid-match to check on ODB. Park loses the match. Mission accomplished!

Later, Young finally finds ODB, who is unconscious and carries her out of the arena, hospital-bound. Sting says this is Dixie’s doing. Well, obviously..

Perhaps the biggest Knockout-related moment of the night was the announcement that next week, at the Genesis-branded episode, Gail Kim will defend the Knockouts Title against Madison Rayne, who earned the shot last week. Yay!

Clearly, next week will be a more exciting week for Knockouts fans. Until then, we’re left to speculate how ODB will play into the title match. Will her inevitable act of revenge cost Gail the title? Will Dixie repay Gail’s favor and shift the odds in her favor? Oh, the possibilities..

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