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Impact Write-Up (July 15th, 2015): A Night Full of Changes

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Write-Up! There was disappointment amongst fans the last time we met and this week TNA are looking to make up for it with a big Knockouts title match between Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell and Brooke. We also learn the identity of the new man in charge of TNA’s operations. It’s a night full of change folks, so let’s get started!

After last week’s cliffhanger ending of an episode, we kick start this week’s program picking up exactly where we left off. I’m of course referring to Dixie Carter appointing a new mysterious leader to take charge of the TNA roster! Assuming you haven’t read the spoilers ahead of time, you won’t believe who Dixie gives this honor to. (I know I nearly fell off my chair after taking a peek to the spoilers for this segment)

We join TNA’s President in the middle of the six sided ring, where much like that night she went through a table last, she is surrounded by her roster whom have all gathered to hear this bombshell of an announcement.

Dixie recalls that summer night in New York City last year, where her staff joined in unison sounds of cheer after witnessing their boss go through that table. It was at the very moment did Dixie realize her actions and tyrant ego persona were the causes for that now memorable table bump; a bump which Dixie doesn’t regret taking as she learned the body aches that her employees put on the line for the sake of the company and industry they work in.

She wants to make things right to the fans that she has let down and start a new chapter (for twentieth time) in TNA. Dixie feels their future is bright and asks for her roster to put some of that doubt and fear they may have to the side so they can come together as a team. Interesting choice of words for your staff there Dixie.

Just before Dixie can introduce this new person in charge being dubbed “The Law”, ruthless nephew Ethan Carter III comes out and he still seems to be troubled by his Aunt D’s betrayal last week. He questions his high power aunt yet again but Dixie responds by finally letting the cat out and bringing out Bully Ray, the new man in charge. The perks of putting someone through a table are amazing.

The newly cleaned up Bully paints the picture of how this whole fiasco came about, pointing out he too was surprised when Dixie contacted him. He recalls Dixie apologizing for her harm to his colleagues, all which he felt were very sincere.

Like any Babyface Authority Figure, Bully wraps things up by putting over the fans and stating that his return would not be a selfish one but rather be of help to the TNA staff, whom all give a damn for the company, with a vision of taking them back to the promise land! Eh, those are some pretty big expectations Bully.

While the new GM found himself busy booking matches on his first night at the job, he seems to have overseen the Knockouts as this title match feels like it is coming out of the blue. Despite that, we still manage to get a brief but very nice video package from the champion joined by her Dollhouse team members to send a message to challenger Brooke.

In the Pillow Talk room, Taryn proclaims all of her accomplishments that include becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history as well as managing to beat the best that include Awesome Kong and Gail Kim.

Brooke will be no different, for she is just a loser in Taryn’s eyes. Once Taryn beats her, there will be no one else left for Taryn to defeat! Little do the Dollhouse know that the returning Gail Kim would continue to deliver her message of “Playtime is over” to the them; cutting in between their promo with one of her own in the same fiery background.

After both challenger and champion make their entrances, the match is underway with Taryn able to get the first strike after Brooke was distracted by the Dollhouse at ringside.

Taryn backs Brooke to a corner with several forearms and begins to choke her by applying her boot onto Brooke’s throat. When the referee orders for the champion to let go of her illegal hold, Taryn tries to get creative by climbing the second rope of the cornered Brooke to apply another illegal hold, this time it being a cornered head scissors lock.

As with last time, the referee orders Taryn to let go of the heel tactic to which Taryn complies. She continues her offense with a running swinging neck breaker, going for the cover after landing it but comes short of the three count.

After kicking out at two, Brooke begins to build her momentum, striking the champion in the head with numerous strikes and taking her down with a running clothesline. As Brooke prepares to take Taryn down again with an oncoming attack, her right leg is pulled due to outside interference of Marti Bell and Jade.

The distraction allows Taryn to attack Brooke from behind, kicking her to the outside of the ring where both Marti and Jade begin a beat down to Brooke but the referee doesn’t see any of this fowl play as Taryn manages to distract him.

After the double team attack, Brooke is tossed back into the ring and Taryn goes for the cover but only gets a count of one. She’s heard the count from the official and continues this match by landing a snap suplex to Brooke to go for another quick cover. This time, Brooke kicks out at two.

When Taryn attempts to whip Brooke to the ropes, Brooke is able to counter with a Russian Leg Sweep and goes for her first pin attempt of the match but the champion is able to kick out in time.

As Brooke tries to gain of the control of the match, she takes Taryn to a corner to try and hit her Butter-Face Makeover finisher at the turnbuckle but Taryn manages to shove Brooke out the way before any execution is made.

It’s now Taryn who tries to hit her Cutter finisher but just like Taryn, Brooke counters and shoves Taryn in an opposite direction before the finishing move can connect. When Taryn turns around, she gets taken down with a dropkick from Brooke.

Just when Brooke looks like she can finally gain control of the match, the number game comes to play and outside distraction from Jade and Marti allows Taryn to hit another cheap shot to Brooke just before she can climb the turnbuckle for a high flying attack.

As Brooke lays on the outside ring ground, Taryn pulls out all the dirty tactics that include head stomps, throwing Brooke face first to the steel steps and dragging that same face throw the ring apron. “That looked liked it hurt” are just one of the few lines I’m absolutely loving to hear Taryn throw in between these set of moves!

When the two Knockout head back into the ring, Taryn lands a crossbody from the top rope and goes for the pin. When Brooke kicks out at two, Taryn got another immediate pin but still only gets a two count. Frustrated, Taryn gets in the face of the referee and agree that her pin cover should’ve been three!

Taryn moves on from the little argument to climb the rope again, looking to connect a flying clothesline but misses when Brooke moves from harms way.

As the Impact Zone rallies behind their favorite Brooke, she manages to take down Taryn with a spear. With the champion down, Brooke looks to capitalize by climbing the rope but her plans don’t follow as she knocked off the top rope turnbuckle by Jade while Marti distracts the referee proving the Dollhouse once again to have the numbers advantage on their side…

Or so they think! The Impact Zone arena suddenly goes dark and within a few seconds later, when the lights are back on, a hooded Gail Kim has taken down Marti at ringside! Giga Gasp!

Gail removes her hood and sets her eyes on Jade, dodging her oncoming attack and using a handstand to trap Jade’s head with her legs and sending her straight to the ring pole! Gail flies to the same pole and uses it to strike Jade in the head once again. Taryn is in awe of all of this and has a stare down with the woman she took out weeks ago. The arena goes dark once again and Gail is gone!

Taryn’s face is frightened and once she turns around, Brooke is ready for her and hits the Butter-face maker finisher, leading to the pin cover and getting the three count! After 238 days, Taryn’s reign as Knockouts champion ends at the hands of Brooke (with some help of Gail Kim) as Brooke now begins her reign as champion for the third time! There is so much excitement in Brooke’s face that even Earl Hebner can’t help but crack a smile with the new champion when she jumps into his arms in celebration! Congratulations Brooke!

Lastly, in semi-related Knockouts segments, James Storm gets a call from his mysterious tag team partner that will team up with him in two weeks to take on the team of Magnus and Mickie James. James Storm doesn’t reveal any names just yet but he does drop a hint that it will is someone very close to Mickie James.

Thoughts: I’ll start by touching base on Dixie’s opening segment.

I’ve already said that TNA was doing all right in running their show without the need of an onscreen authority figure since the start of this year. With that said, it just didn’t feel like there was a need for Dixie to bring someone in, especially if that someone is the person who put you through a table last year and literally broke your back!

Based off the dialogue between Dixie and Bully, it feels as though this is meant to be a “poetic justice” tone, where the mean boss learns her lesson after being on a power hungry trip. It is such a difference from the more interesting Heel character she was last year darling!

This Dixie felt fragile and was very apologetic, maybe even speaking beyond her character in this segment. That’s fair enough but as long as this babyface Dixie makes less TV appearance, then I am fine with it.

As for the Knockouts title match, it wasn’t exactly the most crisp of matches. There were some rough spots such as Brooke’s spear midway through the match as well as the finish but the match did what it was suppose to do, which was to have Brooke end Taryn’s record breaking reign.

So congratulations to Brooke once more! It’ll be refreshing to see run as this babyface champion as we’ve gone so long with Taryn as champion. My only fear is that Gail’s return will take some of that thunder away from Brooke.

Speaking of Gail Kim, her involvement also helped keep this match interesting. I’m loving her new look and some of the new moves she pulled out were pretty sweet.

I can admit that I was disappointed when it was revealed Gail was behind the mystery promos but she is making the most of this new gimmick and it is a more memorable way to have her return aside from the usual run-in-to-make-save we often see when a stable is feuding with someone.

Not a bad way to recover from last week’s show TNA. Let’s try and this ball rolling!

Until next week Knockout fans, hasta lugo!

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