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Impact Write-Up (July 17th, 2014): Madison Knocks Off Brittany as Dixie Avoids a Knock of Her Own

Hello Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s recap. Last night saw Madison Rayne and Brittany go one on one in a no disqualification match. Any time the ladies get to really let loose I’m excited, so let’s get right to the match.

Brittany’s in the ring already as Madison’s music hits. Madison slides into the ring and wants to get right down to business. She hits a Thesz press right off the bat and pummels Brittany on the mat. Also, welcome back to the six-sided ring! One of the best parts of TNA, right there.

Madison is control much of the early goings on of this match. Brittany manages to counter briefly, tossing Madison into the turnbuckle. But Madison manages to get in a kick and a clothesline, and she’s in control once again. Madison is being veeery physical with Brittany, not least because of the surprise attack Brittany executed on her last week. Madison is running Brittany all over the ring and punishing her on the turnbuckles, but Brittany gets a head butt in and Madison drops to the mat.

Madison doesn’t stay down but she walks right back into a armbar over the ropes. It looks pretty painful as Brittany dishes out some punishment of her own. No disqualification means Brittany doesn’t have to break the hold, remember. She breaks it eventually and remains on the outside, backchatting the ref. Madison hits a sliding drop kick and follows it up with a crossbody to the outside! Great stuff!

Brittany’s had enough and heads towards the ramp, but Madison’s not done yet. She attempts a powerbomb on the outside but Brittany counters into a backdrop. Madison lands a little awkwardly on the base of her spine. Brittany uses the ring apron as a weapon now, just laying on the beating.

Brittany goes for the first pin of the match and gets a two count.

She hits a suplex and tries another pin but still only a two count. Brittany trash talks Madison and slams her head into the mat. She nails a side Russian leg sweep for another pin attempt but still Madison manages to kick out. Madison tries to mount some offence but Brittany takes her down with a big clothesline. Brittany throws Madison out of the ring and proceeds to follow her out.

Brittany lines up Madison for the reverse DDT we saw a few weeks ago, only this time she plans to hit it on the outside. Ouch, right? Madison scrambles and manages to reverse it into a suplex! Lucky for her as well, I think. If Brittany had hit that surely it would have been the end.

Madison has Brittany back in the ring now and she’s got the upper hand. She lays Brittany out with some clotheslines and a stiff knee to the head, but her efforts only earn her a two count. Brittany tries to come back a back flip into the corner but Madison dodges and hits the package DDT for the win!

Later that night, Dixie Carter headed out to the ring to address the NYC crowd and she was less than impressed. She thought they were supposed to be the best wrestling fans in the world. Nice accent, Dixie. She’s heeling it up really well, insulting the city they live in, the way they look and pretty much everything else about them. Very well done on the heel front, Dixie. She goes on to talk about little cry baby Tommy Dreamer and how he came to Impact a few weeks ago.

“You can save wrestling, Dixie. You can save it, if you only change.”

Dixie is hilarious, and the line of the night goes to her, of course:

“You don’t change perfection, people!”

She proceeds to bad mouth Bully Ray, stating that she has NO IDEA why the people cheer him. He’s low brow, low class, hardcore, kind of C rated star. Dixie decides that she should be called the Hardcore Star because she’s put Bully Ray through a table so many times, and will continue to do so.

Bully’s music hits and Dixie’s entourage brace themselves. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer clear house soon enough, and suddenly it’s just Dixie left in the ring with them. This doesn’t bode well for the president! There’s YES! chants. (Wrong show, guys.) Luckily for Dixie, EC3 makes the save and she’s escorted from the ring by Rhyno and Rockstar Spud.

EC3 is the lamb left to the slaughter and Dixie watches on in, emotional, as her nephew goes through the table intended for her.

Thoughts: First off, the match was good. Very physical stuff from both ladies that really told a story, but I don’t think it needed the no disqualification stipulation. Either it should have been “no count outs” alone, or just a regular match. They could have done a lot more, maybe something with a kendo stick or two? I hope to see them go at it under extreme rules, or even just another No DQ match on Pay-Per-View where they’d have more time. Great stuff.

Dixie was good tonight. She was relatively solid on the mic, with a few flubs here and there, but all in all a good showing. They’re putting off her going through a table on TV, so when it eventually happens – and it will – it’s going be a great moment. Her face at the end of this segment was gold.

Until next time, ciao! x

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