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Impact Write-Up (July 31st, 2014): Someone’s Ready to Cause Havok

What’s up, Impact fans?

There was no match last night, unfortunately, but we did get Dixie Carter, a short segment of the Beautiful People and a promo for an upcoming addition to the Knockouts roster.


It’s Jessicka Havok! I’m pretty sure a bunch of Indie and WSU fans crapped their pants in excitement, and I will say that I look forward to what she’s going to bring to the table. I just hope she lasts a bit longer than Lei’D Tapa, that’s all.

For those of you who are only just catching up and didn’t see Impact live or our post about it, here’s the promo for your enjoyment:

And now for some Dixie!

#TeamDixie is in the ring being greeted by some raucous boos from the NYC crowd! Dixie is very good at generating the heat for herself and others, you have to give her that and – HOLD UP A MINUTE. Is that Ezekiel Jackson? When in the hell did he turn up to Impact?

Anyway. Dixie plays up to the crowd and calls the fans pathetic. She tells them they’re living in the past. All of their home town heroes have been beaten down. Amidst the boos from the crowd, Rhyno takes the mic and instructs them to show Dixie some respect. Dixie takes the mic back and talks about the crowd wanting to chant ECW. She says she’s given them the true ECW, not some run down show that people left to make bigger money elsewhere. Throwing some serious shade there, talking about a failed promotion… #irony.

EC3 takes to the mic. He calls Dixie the president, himself the general, and the rest of them his army. Nice.

Later in the evening, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky appear to be frustrated. Angelina said that Kurt Angle is blocking her from getting her title rematch against Gail Kim, and that people are placing Gail and Taryn Terrell on a pedestal when, really, it should be the Beautiful People up there. TBP promise an announcement next week!

Dixie Carter was alluded to in the final segment of the evening, wherein Bully Ray, D-Von and Thomas Dreamboat, as EC3 so eloquently put it, promised that next week, Dixie Carter will be going through a table! Impact loves to spoil its fans in an effort to increase ratings, so if you’re a fan of spoilers check out the video below. If not, just ignore it and carry on!

Sadly, it’s a short Write-Up this week. No Brittany/Madison Rayne continuation, no Gail/Taryn and only small moments from the Beautiful People and Dixie Carter. The show was pretty jam-packed with the Division X thing going on, but that doesn’t make me any less frustrated that the Knockouts barely got a showing. Hopefully next week is better, though!

Until next time, ciao! x

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