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Impact Write-Up (June 12th, 2014): Gail Earns a Slammiversary Title Shot

Greetings, Impact fans! Chris here for a very special edition of the Impact Write-Up. It’s the final stop on the road to Slammiversary this Sunday, and a new number one contender for Angelina Love‘s Knockouts Championship as Gail Kim takes on Madison Rayne and BRITTTTTTANYYYY! Plus, a familiar face returns in a very interesting segment. Let’s fire up the Dixietrain and ride down to Orlando for Impact!

First up, Rebel makes a appearance with The Menagerie as Knux takes on everyone’s favorite clown fearing bro, Robbie E. Notice Rebel’s mid-match splits. Check out the video below:

Next we cut backstage to Rockstar Spud (who stole my gimmick) & EC3 (who stole my heart) as they are talking about the surprise they have in store for Bully Ray. Apparently the surprise is the returning Brooke! Sidebar: I was just about to mention how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to talk in the write-up about Brooke on TV and then I realized I have never been able to, until now. Which is appropriate because… well, we’ll get to that later!

Anyways, ECII and Spud make their way to the ring and call out Brooke (who has a new entrance video, finally!) ECII questions Brooke about her relationship with Bully and then that slimy little gimmick-stealer Rockstar Spuds pulls out THE RESULTS! The results of what, you ask? THE DNA DOESN’T NOT LIE states Rockstar Spud! Spud states that Bully Ray is the father! Brooke states that she is OBVIOUSLY not pregnant. ECIII starts to intimidate Brooke and that brings Bully Ray to the ring to run them off! Bully calls Brooke an awesome former girlfriend and they hug in a nice warm and fuzzy moment. I wasn’t expecting to see Brooke be in a segment with Bully Ray ever again, But I thought this segment put a nice bow on the whole Bully & Brooke relationship that dominated their programming for a good portion of the last year. I do have to note, however that it was a little confusing that Bully and Brooke were being so nice to each other considering that they were basically threatening each other the last time they were in a segment together back in December. It’s wrestling and those things are forgotten sometimes and personally I thought it was great to see Brooke in any capacity (especially with ECIII!), so well done, TNA.

Next up, Madison Rayne is interviewed backstage. She says that she’s not focusing on the situation with Brittany and is focused on winning the upcoming match and regaining her title. And that leads us to the notice that the match is up next!

All three ladies make their entrance and Brittany is very happily cheering on during Madison’s entrance. Gail quickly tries to roll up Madison but Brittany interrupts the count. Brittany is attempting to double team Gail with Madison but it backfires as Gail nails a double dropkick and then sends both Madison & Brittany to the outside! The music of The Beautiful People hit and Angelina & Velvet taunt Gail from the ramp as we head to a commercial break!
Back from the break and Angelina & Velvet have joined the commentary booth as the action is going fast & furious in the ring! Gail sends Brittany out of the ring & the former BFFs, Madison & Gail start going at it. Brittany breaks up yet another pinfall attempt and Gail locks her in a Koji-clutch style submission and then Madison locks in a armbar whilst Brittany is in Gail’s hold! Gail has to let go of Brittany to fight out of Madison’s hold and is able to do so. Madison sets Gail on the top rope and Madison & Brittany nail a double superplex on Gail Kim! Ouch! Madison gets angry as Brittany and nails her with a forearm right in the face! Brittany gets revenge by sending Madison out of the ring shouting ” You made me do it!”. Gail Kim then locks Brittany in her devastating ring-post Figure Four as The BP’s make their way ringside and pull Madison back to the floor. Velvet tries to spray Madison but nails Brittany but mistake! Gail is able to nail Eat Defeat and become the number one contender to the Knockout’s championship!

Thoughts: I really enjoyed the triple threat dynamic as it’s rare that you see that type of match in the Knockouts Division. The three competitors mixed really well together and I liked how the situation between Madison & Brittany was showcased in the match. We see more and more aggression from Brittany every week and this week was no exception as she lashed out towards Madison, hitting her and then shouting ” You made me do it!”. I have to wonder if we’ll see more of a violent side from Brittany in recent weeks. Speaking of Brittany, I thought it was VERY interesting how TBP were cheering on Brittany and then attempted to help her because Angelina had easily defeated her a few weeks ago. It kinda makes me sigh how TNA continues to make Brittany look weak doing things like that. I certainly hope that’s something that changes in coming weeks.
I don’t think anyone was surprised when Gail Kim walked away with the victory, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing two of the most influential Knockouts ever facing off at Slammiversary, it’s sure to be off the charts.

One last note: this will be my final week writing the Impact Write-Up. When I started with this site over a year ago I never saw myself in the role of a writer, so the last six months has been a absolutely awesome experience. If you listen to DD Weekly you’ll know that I have quite often cracked a joke about Impact. But in reality, this has been a amazing opportunity for me to express my thoughts and feeling over the Knockouts division. I wish nothing but the best to ALL of the girls in TNA, I hope they continue to show the world what Woman’s Wrestlers can do if given the time and opportunity. The lovely and beautiful Eleri will take back her rightfully throne as far as TNA goes here on Diva Dirt starting with Slammiversary this Sunday. It’s been a thrill to cover Impact for you guys here every week. I hope you’ve enjoyed my weak attempts at witty humor using reactionary GIFs. But now, I have to go take my dream job as Dixie Carter’s personal assistant away from Rockstar Spud… especially after that stunt this week with my girl Brooke!

Until we meet again, choo choo’, darlins!

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