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Impact Write-Up (June 5th, 2014): Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Hey guys! Welcome to this week’s edition of the Impact Write-Up. I’d like to start out this week by thanking Jack for stepping in last week as we pulled the Orlando swap-around. Also, a big congratulations to TNA Knockout, Brooke as well as real-life boyfriend Robbie E on their casting for the next season of “The Amazing Race”. I’ve been lucky enough to become friendly with Brooke over the past three years and am absolutely thrilled to to see both of them on this show. Best of luck, Brooke & Robbie!

On to the matter at hand: This week on Impact, Madison Rayne cashes in her rematch after losing the Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice. Will Madison regain the gold? Or will Angelina Love use Madison Rayne’s state of mind after her confrontation with Brittany (BRITTTTTTTTANYYYY!) to her advantage and keep the Knockouts Championship? So many questions, including the most important question… #WhereIsDixie? Let’s fire up the train and find out!

Up first, Dixie Carter confronts fellow evil heel MVP backstage. She even corrects him on her preferred choice of wine. Watch below:

Next up we see a recap of last week’s um…incident between Madison & Brittany. We head…TO THE BACK! as Madison is lacing up her boots. Brittany walks in and apologizes to Madison and says she’s there for her in her match against Angelina tonight. Madison says and I quote ” Do nothing… and I mean nothing!” Madison walks off as Brittany looks….confused?…scared?

Speaking of scared, Future “Amazing Racer” Robbie E apparently can’t stand clowns ( I knew we got along for a reason!) and he has to deal with plenty of shenanigans withRebel & The Menagerie! If balloons and battling horns are your thing, check out the video below!:

After what seems like sixteen hours of waiting for this segment, It’s finally time for the Sacrifice Rematch! Madison Rayne challenges Angelina Love (as always with Velvet Sky) Watch below:

The bell rings and Angelina almost instantly needs a time-out. Angelina rolls back and Madison starts to take it to the champion. Madison is able to hit the Rayne drop early on but a Velvet Sky distraction allows Angelina to hit a sick looking dropkick to the back/kidney area. Look who’s here, It’s…. BRITTANYYYYYYYYYY! Madison yells at Brittany ” I told you, NOTHING!…NO-THING!” and that distraction allows Angelina to take advantage as she hits a fierce knee strike followed by fall out slam. Madison goes for a surprise roll-up not once, but twice and gets a two count each time. Madison fights off Angelina in the corner and hits a forearm shot followed by a clothesline and a beautiful bridging suplex for a two count. Madison nails her signature face stomp. Velvet has the spray and Brittany does….NOTHING!?!?! Angelina takes advantage and rolls-up Madison for the three count! Angelina retains the Knockouts Championship!

Thoughts: While this wasn’t a very long match, I thought it accomplished what it needed to. Obviously Madison had the rematch clause in her contract after Sacrifice and I thought it was good that TNA got that out of the way before Angelina faces Gail Kim. Speaking of Gail, I was surprised that there was pretty much no mention of her nor her on-going feud with Angelina whatsoever during the Knockouts segment. Obviously the focus was on Madison’s rematch but I found it odd that Gail wasn’t brought up whatsoever. As for the match itself I thought it was pretty good for being short. Madison & Angelina have worked well together since they both returned to the company and there’s a bit of aggressiveness in their matches that really makes them intriguing to watch. I thought the story with Brittany was kind of clever. Madison told Brittany not to do anything and she did…just that. Clearly, Brittany will do whatever Madison wants her to.

Speaking of Madison & Brittany… After the Knockouts Championship match, Madison confronts Brittany asking why she didn’t combat Velvet during the title match. Check it out below:

I’m interested to see where they go with this angle. Obviously I hope they do something a little bit different than the times that this angle has been done in the past, I’m interested to see who ends up playing the heel and who ends up playing the face in this dynamic. I think it would be quite interesting to see Madison end up being the heel in this story. Ever since The Beautiful People said last week that they knew the “true side of Madison” I’ve been intrigued by the possible of Madison one day snapping on Brittany. Not by any means rejoining TBP, but turning by herself. On the other hand, it’s also easy to see Brittany turning into the psycho heel eventually. Whatever the dynamic may be, I think TNA needs to let this storyline burn slowly. Sure, you can have a main feud for the Knockouts Title going on but as far as this Brittany/Madison storyline is concerned, I would let it slowly build for a long time. I’d even go as far to say that it shouldn’t come to a head until Bound for Glory in a few months. The Brittany/Madison situation could certainly be weaved into other stories, such as they have been doing with TBP/Madison. But as far as Madison and Brittany’s angle coming to a head in a big one on one match, I would save it until TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. I’m really interested to see where it goes and how they progress it. Hopefully, they keep it original.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the Impact-Write Up. No official word from TNA yet on a match for Slammiversary but I would almost put money on the fact that Gail/Angelina will be made on next week’s edition of Impact. Speaking of next week’s edition of Impact, it’s full of PLENTY of very interesting surprises that I think you’ll enjoy. This write-up itself will have a surprise as well so until next week, fire up the Dixietrain and Choo Choo, darlins!

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