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Impact Write-Up (March 21st, 2013): Luckily for Taryn, Brooke is All Business

What’s up, ladies and gents? Welcome to the Impact Write-Up. I’m Eleri, and I’ll be your host. But hopefully you knew that! There was little action this week in terms of a match, but we got a great dose of the Knockouts by way of a firing, and then a re-hiring! Before that, we caught a glimpse of Brooke Hogan arriving to the Impact tapings earlier in the day. Looking fierce in black and gray, she declared that she was not there to talk about Bully Ray or her father.

“I am here to do business,” she says. “I’m the VP of the Knockouts and that’s what I came here to do. Strictly.”

Well alrighty then, Miss Hogan.

Later on that night, we’re treated to a recap of what went down between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim at Lockdown, and last week’s Impact show. We’re shown footage from after Lockdown. Gail attacked Taryn backstage after the show, and the ladies had to be torn apart, kicking and screaming. Taryn is reminded that she’s a referee, but she says she doesn’t care! Near tears, she says, “I have a breaking point. I’ve been pushed enough. So if that means that I lose my job as a referee… if that means that I lose my job at this company? So be it.”

We cut back to the Impact Zone, and here comes Taryn. She reminds us that she’s on probation. As a ref, it’s her job to control the chaos, not create it. But she says that when Gail Kim put her hands on her not once, but twice, she had to retaliate! She’s ready for the consequences. Gail’s music hits and she makes her way out, looking especially pleased with herself in a fabulous blue, cut-out dress. Seriously, I need to get my hands on it.

Gail snatches the microphone from Taryn’s hand and proceeds to tell her that she’s just so glad Taryn finally learned her lesson.

“You don’t mess with Gail Kim.”


“Because Gail Kim is the greatest female wrestler that ever lived.”

Snap, snap.

“And Gail Kim is the greatest Knockout to have ever stepped foot in this ring. I created this division; there would be no you without me.”

Gail is definitely not coming up short on the attitude. Taryn doesn’t look impressed. Gail goes on to say that she’s just there to watch Brooke Hogan do something that should have been done a long time ago: fire Taryn! As Brooke’s music hits, Gail says she can’t wait to see it. Poor Taryn. (Brooke has changed her outfit. I preferred the other one.)

Brooke talks about how tough this decision is, and that she’s thought long and hard about it. She has to be fair. She has to terminate Taryn! Gail practically leaps around with glee as she rubs it in. Taryn looks heartbroken. But there’s another announcement…

Brooke has decided to sign Taryn to the Knockouts roster! That means Taryn can get physical with whomever she wants, whenever she wants! Including the self-proclaimed greatest Knockout to have stepped foot in the ring. Looking a little shocked, Gail turns around, right into a spear from Taryn! The ladies brawl and Gail tries to make a quick getaway, but Taryn is in pursuit. The ladies rush out of sight, leaving Brooke to watch them go from the ramp all by her lonesome. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone to sneak up behind her. Lo and behold, it’s Bully Ray!

Brooke whirls around and stumbles back when she spots him. She says she loved him. He shows off his wedding ring. “Until death to us part,” he says slowly. Pretty creepy, Bully Ray. Brooke retreats, repeating that she hates him. Oh dear!

Thoughts: Although it was short, I enjoyed this week’s Knockouts offering. I love the story they’re writing between Gail and Taryn, and hope the tension between them only continues to rise. I’m happy that Taryn is now an official member of the Knockouts roster, too. She came along leaps and bounds during her short stint on SmackDown so I’m really excited to see how far she’s come, and how she’ll improve. Having Gail to work with will only do her good.

It was nice to see Brooke back on the show this week, as opposed to just a recap like last week. I liked that she didn’t appear soppy, or pining. She was there for business and she got it done. I’m really enjoying her on Impact, and look forward to where she goes from here.

My only real grievance is that we were lacking our Knockouts champion, Velvet Sky, last night. Hopefully we’ll get more of her next week, along with Mickie. What can I say? Everyone has their favourite.

Until then, lovelies. Eleri out!

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