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Impact Write-Up (March 31st, 2011): Winter Puts a Chokehold on the Beautiful People

Welcome back, once again, to the another edition of the TNA Impact Write-Up here on Diva Dirt. You all know who I am so there is no real need for formal introductions. If you don’t know, you have a bit of catching up to do, don’t you? ;) Last week, we saw a definite improvement, in regards to Knockout matches, between two rival women who just can’t seem to get enough of beating the hell out of each other. We also saw a rather eerie and even, science fictionesque turn in the land of The Beautiful People. I can definitely say that I saw that one coming. This week, we’ve got a singles match between two newer rivals, who can’t stop fighting over a favorite blonde Canadian. There is bound to be blood.

Our first wacky glimpse of the Knockouts, comes in the form of Angelina Love and Winter standing backstage. Angelina has a red plastic cup of some concoction in her hand and Winter is stroking her hair, telling her everything is going to be alright. This is all just a small bump in the road. Winter tells her that her drink will calm her nerves. She goes on to say that Velvet Sky is a big girl and that she cost them their titles out of jealousy, she wants Angelina all to herself, to control her. Winter just couldn’t let that happen. She claims she is just trying to protect Angelina, nothing personal against Velvet.

Cue recap video package of recent months, reminding us all how this weird development came about. All those weird and SyFy channelesque moments that no one can seem to wash from their memory, leading up until last week.

But this week, we get to see Velvet Sky as she takes on Winter in singles Knockout action. Headed to the ring first is one half of TBP, dressed in her black and pink crush velvet attire with a TBP cut off t-shirt. She bounces to the ring and LETS THE PIGEONS LOOSE! She looks a little too happy for someone who has lost her BFF, if you ask me. Out second is Winter, in her ninja hooker attire, to that ever so creepy theme music she has. Everything fits her so well but she’s still a creeper, if you ask me.

The official rings the bell and Velvet doesn’t waste much time going right after Winter, slamming her into the corner. Multiple shoulder blocks to the abdomen and the referee pulls her back, only to have her go back around to the opposite corner on the same side. Again, the official pulls her back and she takes just enough time to catch her breath before flipping Winter over, landing a sharp kick to her spine. Into the ropes and Velvet rebounds, landing a stiff dropkick to Winter’s chest, going for the pin attempt. One..two..not quite but Velvet stays on her, slamming her head into the mat. The official makes the warning count and the Velvet gets up, sending Winter flying into yet another corner. I’m telling you, it’s something about that hooker ninja outfit. *wink*

Velvet tries to charge Winter again but this time, Winter sidesteps and yanks Velvet down to the mat by her hair. A warning from the official doesn’t stop her, however, because another grab of the hair and Winter slams Vel Vel down yet again. A pick up and the bodyslam leads to a foot to the throat choke, bringing a weird smirk to Winter’s face. How many times has Velvet been near choked to death in recent months? Anyway, back over and Winter throws in a cheap kick and goes for the hair again, tossing Velvet back across the ring. Back up on her, a slightly weak side slam and into a pin but Vel Vel isn’t about to give up that easily. No sir!

Winter goes to pick Velvet up again but Velvet turns it on her, going for a rollover but it falls through. However, Winter gets back up and goes for the rebound off the ropes, taking Winter down with a pair of clotheslines. A ring around and Velvet is back with a kick and a bulldog, dropping Winter right on her face. Velvet is pumped up but Angelina Love is out on the ramp, dressed in adorable attire. This distracts Velvet just enough where Winter can come back, attacking her from behind. Is that anger and hatred I see in A. Love’s spaced out facial expression? Nope. My bad. It’s just a harsh amount of vast nothing. I do love that top though.

Anyway, Winter turns to rough tactics, making rough eye contact with Angelina Love, her new minion. She pulls Velvet into a backbreaker then locks in some sort of submission that leads Velvet to tap out. It wrenched the neck, where we all know seems to be Velvet’s sensitive spot. And even though Winter has won the match, she locks in the submission one more time while Angelina gazes on, following her new master like a well behaved sheep, back to the lockers.

Skip to the 5:17 minute mark

A little later in the show, we see Velvet backstage, still holding her throat. She says that Winter is one crazy, psychotic, out there bitch, if you may. She says that Winter just came out of left field into TNA and tried to wreck TBP. But, in case she didn’t know, Velvet’s job and even Angelina’s job in TNA, is to cleanse the world of one ugly person at a time. The interviewer asks Velvet if she’s gotten to the bottom of Angelina’s little drug phase, which Velvet states. Clearly, Angelina was drugged and Winter has a hold on her. It is Velvet’s job to get Angelina back, away from Winter’s clutches because Vel Vel has had enough! All this bullshit…oops. I forgot to hit my censor button. Perhaps I’ll remember it next week. ;)

Thoughts: Well, this week’s match kind of made me sleepy. It wasn’t because it was bad but it just seemed to go in slow motion. It was good at first and better toward the end but the in-between was a little slow. I knew this match was coming and I’m sure it isn’t the last. This little storyline is very interesting, in my opinion so I’m curious to see where it goes from here, as I’ve been saying. We didn’t see any further development in the Madison Rayne/Mickie James story so we must see that next week. Lockdown is on April 17th and their match is going to be interesting, to say the least. Tell me, what do you all think is going on with Winter & Angelina? What was in that mystery red plastic cup? Let me know. Until next week, my lovies. xoxo

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