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Impact Write-Up (March 6th, 2015): Be Careful What You Wish For

Hola Knockout fans and as always, welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. Last week, Taryn Terrell made the decision to call out Awesome Kong to a title match despite the words of wisdom from fellow veteran Knockout Gail Kim. Will Taryn be able to prove herself or will her words come back to haunt her? Let’s take a look:

Before we get into Taryn’s biggest title defense to date, we recap Taryn’s journey to the top of the division with a small video package.

Having achieve her life-long dream of becoming a champion, Taryn has been a non-stop fighting champion! She’s defended her title against all kinds of opponents: challengers, monsters and legends. Will any of them be compared to what awaits for her this week in the form of Awesome Kong? A woman a pure power, who’s only intentions are to destroy whatever gets in her way. In this battle, Taryn will be fighting for more than her Knockouts championship, she’ll also be fighting for her own survival. There is nothing but toughness from Taryn, who refuses to back down from a fight against Awesome Kong.

Onto the title match, Awesome Kong’s music hits and she keeps her entrance traditional this week by coming down the entrance ramp, opting out of the appearing out of the darkness entrance act.

The monster’s prey in the form of Taryn is makes her way out next and her face of determination says it all. Upon entering the ring, the champion immediately goes after Kong but the challenger easily brushes her off. Back on her feet, Taryn goes for another attack but it’s proves to be ineffective as Kong easily blocks Taryn’s strikes.

A stomp from Kong later and the tardy official bell rings. Awesome Kong dominating Taryn from the get-to, tossing her body around, firing forearm shots and whipping Taryn to the corner for a loaded running clothesline.

Backed into a corner, Taryn makes the most of her settings by climbing to the second rope for a flying clothesline but Kong still manages to stand strong. When that doesn’t work, Taryn changes up her offense an runs the ropes, looking for a cross body but Kong’s a step ahead, catching the title holder in halfway and drops her at the center of the ring with full force.

Still throughly in control of the match, Awesome Kong goes for a second running clothesline to Taryn’s corner but Taryn dodges out of the way. Making the most of this opportunity, Taryn hits a combination of ten punches to Kong from the corner. With momentum finally on her side, Taryn goes all the out to bring her Goliath opponent down and is able to bring to her feet with a cross body from the top rope and in to a pin cover.

Awesome Kong only stays down for the one count as she forcefully kicks Taryn off of her. With Kong showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, Taryn tries to end things by pulling it out the Taryn Cutter/Sugar Rush as I like to call it. No matter what the name of the finisher is, Kong is able to block it off not once but twice periodically in this match!

With the bad landing on her shoulder, Taryn looks to escape to regroup from her injuries but Kong won’t let this happen. She kicks over the fallen Taryn and goes as far to stepping all over her. Official Earl Hebner tries to maintain some order and calls for Kong to step away from Taryn. In response, Kong gives Earl a push and the zero-tolerance referee calls for the bell, ending this match as a DQ. You screwed Kong Earl!

With the match officially over and there nothing being left to do, Kong decides to continue her acts of violence to Taryn. She follows the injured Taryn as she tries to escape and uses the outside environment to her advantage. First with a toss to the dreadful steel steps first and then looking to hit an Implant Buster outside the ring.

Just before Kong can deliver the Implant Buster to Taryn, out comes Gail Kim to make the save! Even in her casual wear, Gail Kim gets in the face of rival Awesome Kong and drops some heated words to her. Not one to take insults lightly, Kong shoves Gail down but Gail only rises back up and begin an all out brawl with Kong, the two going back and forth as they take this brawl to the back as Taryn lies on the ground, paying the consequences of wanting to take on the likes Awesome Kong.

Thoughts: A very pulverizing week for the Knockouts to say the least.

The title match was very much dominated by Awesome Kong from the start. Even with the very little offense Taryn did manage to get in, Kong still simply overpowered Taryn. The physical makeup really helped Awesome Kong stay in the position of dominance, just as Gail was selling her to be last week.

While I understand the idea of ending this match in a DQ to keep Taryn with the title and the leaving window open for another match down the line, I just feel like something else aside from a hard shove to the referee could’ve ended this match, especially with the dominance Kong was delivering.

I love the intensity and fire that Gail brought in when she came in to make the save for Taryn. Little details such as Awesome Kong’s facial expression throughout the match and segment really brought out the most from these two. It brought back memories from their initial feud and has me wanting to see more!

We reach our final stop of TNA’s UK Tour next week in London, England and with their still being some unfinished business between these three women, personal vendetta between Bram and Magnus with Mickie James and Robbie E against Brooke, this last stop looks to be the most exciting!

That’s it for this week Knockout fans, hasta luego!

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