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Impact Write-Up (May 22nd, 2014): The (Not So) Open Challenge

What’s up all you stars & studs in Chicago!…No? Okay, Let’s try this again…. Welcome loyal Dixiecrats to this week’s episode of the Impact Write-Up. As always, I am your conductor of Dixietrain, Chris and I will be leading the way through the magical jungle that is Impact! This week we’ve got TNA Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love ( along with her partner in crime, Velvet Sky) issuing a open challenge to any member of the Knockouts roster! Who will answer the challenge? Let’s find out!

Backstage the mysterious camera man is asking Angelina about tonight’s open challenge when Gail Kim arrives and starts beating the holy hell out of Angelina! Cattttfighttttttt! Watch below:

After the break, The Beautiful People make their grand entrance and it’s time for the open challenge… but first, Angelina Love grabs the microphone and announces that all former Knockouts Champions are banned from the challenge… so if I’m not mistaken, the only active Knockout to not hold the championship is ….. BRITTTTTTANYYYYY! (I am actually required by contract to call her that on a weekly basis). Brittany makes her entrance and is attacked by Angelina as she’s posing on the turnbuckle! Watch the match below:

Thoughts: Guys. Brittany got on TV! It’s another Impact miracle! It’s just too bad she basically got beaten down the entire time. I still feel like this has been a struggle since Brittany made her TNA debut. It feels like she hasn’t been on TV that often since her debut and when she IS on she basically gets beaten down save for a few moves. However, I will save whenever Brittany DOES get any momentum, her moves look really nice and crisp. I honestly hope TNA features her more regularly because Brittany/Santana is one of my favorite talents in the industry currently.

I continue to be entertained by the Gail/Angelina angle as well. As we’ve discussed recently on Diva Dirt Weekly, these two are the ” big dogs” of the Knockouts Division and a battle between them just screams ” Big Fight Feel”. I feel like there’s a great fan reaction for Gail as a babyface. She’s someone that is incredibly easy to get behind and cheer for and I can’t help but think that her being one of the few remaining TNA Originals ( or close to it) has something to do with that. Angelina & Velvet continue to give girls the paperbag/make-up/purse/hairspray/item of the week treatment and while it’s great to once again see something that was popular in 2008, it was popular in 2008- six years ago. I’m fine with the whole ” Mean Girls” gimmick but I would love to see something new to freshen it up a bit. A new theme song, a new finisher for each girl, maybe even a new member. It’s not QUITE to the point of annoyance yet, but if not careful could quickly reach that point.

As I stated earlier, I’m still excited for showdown between Gail & Angelina. Judging by Gail’s comments on social media tonight I’m assuming that the match will take place at Slammiversary ( Shocker!) In my opinion, that PPV is the perfect place for two of the original Knockouts to have a good old fashioned grudge match. I’m very interested to see what they will do in the coming weeks to build up to the event. Here’s hoping to a great build-up for a really important match.

The lovely and vivacious TNA President, Dixie Carter has returned to the Impact Zone! Quick, we need a GIF reaction!

Thanks, Target Lady! (Woo, Red Card!) Dixie is in a segment of the show reacting to MVP‘s heel turn and his new stable. But that doesn’t matter; as long as she’s coming out to the country remix of her theme song and is with her fashionable & good looking nephew, ECIII, I’m happy! Watch the segment below:

Well folks, unfortunately, it’s that time of the week again. That time where I fire back up the Dixietrain and head back to Dixieland until next Thursday. Here’s to hoping I get to sit next to ECII. But before I go, remember these words from Suze Orman: ” People first… and then money… and then DIXIE!” Choo Choo, darlins!

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