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Impact Write-Up (November 22nd, 2012): Taeler Hendrix is Back and Looking to Make an Impression on the Champ

Greetings everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Impact Write-Up. Provided you celebrate Thanksgiving, you’re likely either still digesting yesterday’s intense meal, or just getting back home from a hard fought morning of getting insane deals on your favorite electronics, towels, or if you’re like me, DVDs! In the land of Impact, we were treated to a Thanksgiving miracle, as Gut Check winner, Taeler Hendrix made her first appearance in what I’m sure is months. She returned for Open Fight Night with the other victors, calling out anyone on the roster they wish… and who else for her to take on than the woman she faced in her tryout? Knockouts Champion, Tara faces the plucky redhead in a one on one match, as we also see appearances from ODB and Brooke Hogan throughout the night as well. So put down the leftover change from Black Friday (if you have anything left), and get to reading!

Following a video package highlighting Taeler Hendrix’s journey to maintain a contract with Impact Wrestling, we head backstage to see her warming up as Brooke Hogan enters the scene. She asks Tay Tay if she’s ready for tonight, citing that God brought her here for a reason as she’s the only female Gut Check winner thus far. Brooke tells Tay Tay to use the nerves as adrenaline, eventually wishing her luck and heading out.. as we head to a brief commercial.

Upon returning… the… the music of an angel hits. Well, close enough. The instrumental version of one of my Knockout idols, Jenna Morasca, hits, but it is not Jenna that comes out. It seems Tay Tay will also try to survive tonight, which is brought forth as the raging red head from beantown grabs a microphone and calls out the Knockouts Champion, Tara! Both Tara and Jesse walk out, as referee Taryn Terrell tries to restrain the two ladies from getting in each other’s faces before the bell rings. Taeler offers a handshake, but Tara refuses and the match kicks off with a lock up. Tara shoves Hendrix back and takes the early advantage, before walking over for Jesse to help her prepare.

The Knockouts Champion doesn’t miss a beat, as she continues to beat Taeler down and get a confidence boost from Jesse. No sign of life for Taeler yet, as the crowd gets behind her and Tara tries to force her to smile for a camera with a choke on the ropes. Our champion proceeds to grab her by the hair in a brief submission, but Taeler finally starts to show a little fight… for all of a few seconds. The crowd is beyond in favor of Taeler, as she dropkicks Tara into Jesse and gets a roll up for a two count. Taeler with a hip toss now, before ducking a series of punches and hitting a sick side suplex! Hendrix with a headbutt, as she starts boxing like a female Mike Tyson!

Taeler gets a running crossbody for a two count, as Jesse now gets on the apron to distract her. Tara almost collides with Jesse, but she turns right around into a nice roundhouse kick to the head for a two count. Hendrix continues to try and keep the momentum in her favor, but Tara scores with a nasty facebreaker to the knee. If that wasn’t enough to stun the Gut Check Champ, Tara then drills her with a shot to the face and cements the end of the match by planting her with a Widows Peak. One… Two… Three.. and it’s all over. Tara and Jesse celebrate the win together, as I begin hoping for Taeler to make another appearance before three more months pass.

Also check out ODB and Tara as they manage their respected male counterparts in a triple threat match also involving Robbie E:

Thoughts: Another solid week of Impact, which continues to make me wonder if the taped shows are a better idea since in the past two weeks we’ve gotten to see so many of the Knockouts instead of just getting one or two of the same people each episode for a month straight. As someone who enjoyed Taeler in her Gut Check appearance, it was great to see her back again this week. I thought she did better here than in her first showing, but I still fear she will disappear for another few months. The freshness is great for the ladies of Impact, and if Eric Young is really gone from TNA, then all of these Knockouts can form into teams and remind everyone that they actually have tag titles. But that’s a rant for another time, and all in all, I’m pretty pleased with seeing Taeler back tonight. Kind of wish there was something with Mickie James after her win last week, such as maybe Tara tries to add further damage to Taeler after the match, but Mickie runs out to put a stop to it. But in the end, at least we got the champion on TV and got to see someone we haven’t in a while.

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