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Impact Write-Up (October 15th, 2014): Havok Rains on Madison’s Parade

Salutations Knockout fans! Welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Write-Up post Bound For Glory; a Bound For Glory that has still left me, and I assume others, completely speechless. Fast forwarding from Sunday’s PPV to this week on Impact, we return from our trip to Japan to the United States where Havok is scheduled to take on the new number one contender Madison Rayne. After having her first successful title defense earlier this week against Velvet Sky, can Havok keep her winning streak going? Let’s find out:

As the challenger makes her way to the ring, we kick things off with some prematch talk with Madison, who explains to us her actions from last week’s triple threat match against Angelina Love and Taryn Terell. She reminds us that in order to become a multi champion such as herself, one has to not worry so much about the thoughts and opinions of others. After all this is the wrestling world, it’s every woman for herself and Madison stealing Taryn’s win and leaving her to fend off Havok by herself last week is just part of the business. Well said Madison, well said.

Havok makes her way to the ring next, as we are treated to a few highlights from Sunday’s big win and event.

As the bell rings, Havok is quick to shove Madison to the ground. Picking herself back up, Madison tries a new strategy and goes for a back grapple on Havok but Havok’s size advantage works in her favor as she is able to swing off Madison from behind.

Havok charges after Madison but Madison manages to avoid her. Running the ropes, Madison flies to Havok with a drop kick sending the champion to retreat outside the ring. Still on the hunt, Madison launches herself from the ring to Havok only to be caught and thrust to the ring.

Havok tosses Madison back into the ring where she applies a Full Nelson lock. Madison manages to toughen it out long enough until Havok releases her grip, cackling over the killer queen.

The crowd begins to rally behind the fallen Madison, who tries to fight off Havok with a series of forearms and a clothesline only to collide with her vast opponent. After a hefty back breaker, Havok flings Madison outside the ring where she sets up Madison with the same arm lock spine buster that injured Gail Kim and put her out indefinitely. Thankfully for Madison, one time flame official, Earl Hebner imposes Havok to stop what she is doing enabling Madison to nail a surprise baseball slide on to Havok before following up with a series of forearms.

Madison leans on the outside ring post for a quick break as Havok charges after her only to have her shoulder come in contact with the ring post. “Come on!” howls Madison as she dashes back in to the ring with Havok stumbling right behind her.

After hitting a kick to gut followed by a running big boot, Madison tries to finish things up by setting Havok with the Rayne Check to no success as Havok’s size advantage prevents Madison from ever lifting the champion off the ground.

Using the turnbuckle to aid her, Madison lands a big missile dropkick to the champion, going for the cover but Havok kicks out at full power; nearly taking out the referee.

Staying avert of Havok’s leg drop, Madison tries steal the win again with a side roll up; only this time Havok is a step ahead of her and clutches Madison’s throat to deliver a big time choke slam… or by what we are now calling it: The Harlot Slayer for the win giving Havok another dominant victory!

Elsewhere on the show, we have The Menagerie taking on TNA’s local Tinder couple, The Beautiful Bros!

Out first are the team of Angelina Love, Jessie Godderz and DJ Z accompanied by Velvet Sky. I wonder where Robbie E is in all of this?

Carny music hits the air and it could only mean that The Menagerie are on their way to the ring! Rebel and Knux come all smiles as Crazzy Steve pedals his way to the ring in his trusty tricycle!

As the teams find their places, the ladies start things off. DJ Z manages to get the first slap in the match as he sneakily slaps Rebel’s rear as her back is turned. Before Rebel can even react to Z’s action, Angelina takes her down and makes the tag to her partner. Mixed tag team rules has Rebel tag in Knux, who gives DJ Z a spanking for insulting his woman.

After a few back and forth tags throughout the match, the Knockouts are eventually tagged in again. Angelina goes for a clothesline but misses by a split second. Dropkick by Rebel takes Angelina down but outside interference by DJ Z distracts Rebel again.

Angelina rolls up Rebel for the pin only for a two count. Both ladies take each other out with a clothesline before tagging in their respective partners; eventually Crazzy Steve manages to pick up the win for his team after putting Jessie away with a big tornado DDT.

Thoughts: A solid match between Havok and Madison.

I think this was Havok’s best match in TNA thus far. TNA has acknowledged some past history between Havok and Madison Rayne, so I wish we would’ve gotten into some more depth into that. It would’ve given Havok a chance to speak; something that has yet to happen. In any event, Havok continues her dominance in the division with another win this week.

Just like the last time the BroMans and Menagerie faced each other, it was helpful to have the men carry most of the match, as Rebel is still only learning to wrestle. The two teams are now even which may lead to another match between the two should this feud continue.

Not a whole lot of story development this week (which hows how little aftermath there actually was from Bound For Glory this year) but a fair amount of action from the Knockouts this week.

Hasta luego Knockout fans!

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