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Impact Write-Up (September 12th, 2013): The Board is Set and ODB Makes the First Move

Hi there, Knockout fans. This week’s Write-Up is short – but certainly not sweet, I’m afraid. Before we get into anything, though, let’s take a look at the backstage segment we got last night featuring ODB, which came just after it was announced that next week on Impact, ODB is set to challenge Mickie James for her Knockouts Championship.

Wow, ODB was even thinking about giving up drinking in preparation for this match. She hasn’t been the ‘Knocked Up’ champ in over three years. Alright, I’ll give her that one because considering that she’s a staple of the KO’s division, it has been a while since she’s held gold (aside from the tag titles but, come on, they stopped being relevant way before they were vacated). This sudden title match really annoys me. Why can’t it wait? Why can’t we give these two some decent time to build a rivalry that people care about? Yes, the fans like ODB – likely because they can relate to her carefree attitude, or the fact that she grabs her boobs all the time… I’m really unhappy with how rushed this feud has been, especially because Mickie has been doing a brilliant job with her new character.

Next week’s spoilers are out, so head on over if you don’t want to be surprised.

I just feel like TNA could have done so much more with this feud before having a title match, but it’s been put on the back burner for whatever reason. It is what it is, though, and at least it’s given ODB more screen time in the past few weeks. I just want more of heel Mickie, because in terms of the Knockouts, she’s been stealing the show for me. Hopefully the feud will go past next week, and they’ll build to something better than this one.

Until next week! Eleri out!

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