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Impact Write-Up (September 26th, 2013): Are You on #TeamDixie?

What’s up faithful Knockout followers? We had lots and lots of Knockout coverage on last night’s Impact, so I’m not gonna bore you with an introduction. Let’s get right into it.

It all began with a confident, arrogant-looking Dixie Carter making her way to her locker room I assume, and getting stopped by Sting to discuss just what is going on with her right now. She’s barely bothered by him, though, and gives all her attention to her pretty in pink iphone. Sting cuts to the chase, says that this isn’t the Dixie that he knows, and Dixie says that he needn’t worry about it because ‘Dixie Carter has got this one handled.’ Alright, so let’s talk about Dixie’s top. No, just no. Besides that, the segment did its job in showing that this new Dixie Carter is here to stay.

Our next glimpse of Knockout goodness comes from Brooke Tessmacher, who might just have the most perfect body ever. Honestly. What I would give for that stomach… she’s rocking out to accompany Bully Ray in the opening segment wearing some denim shorts and a black crop top. I’m not a fan of the boots, but she looks great and happy for her, that she’s getting some spotlight. Brooke has come so, so far from where she started and it’s nice to see her being rewarded. It might not be a Knockouts championship but it IS being in main event segments.

Bully talks about beating AJ Styles, and how he plans to do it, but he really uses the time to talk up Dixie, and how much she’s inside AJ’s head. It’s a nice little throwback to remind us that Dixie is a woman on a warparth. He says Dixie Carter is the person that made AJ Styles phenomenal. Bully is soon interrupted by the rest of Aces and Eights, who last week were taken by surprise when Bully declared Brooke to be the reason he is where he is now. Aces and Eights took exception to that, and so they made their way out to air some grievances. They say that Bully cares more about his ‘hoe’ than his bros. How rude. Brooke is not happy about that one. Bully defends his missus, warning Aces and Eights not to call Brooke a hoe… and of course this starts a loud hoe chant! Brooke and Bully head out soon after, talking trash all the way home.

Next up is a six person tag featuring the new Knockouts champ ODB – who teams with Eric Young and Joseph Park – and Gail Kim, who has the Bromance on her side: Robbie E and Jessie. Christy Hemme handles the introductions, with Gail and her team coming out first, followed of course by ODB and her boys. Gail looks gorgeous in her orange attire. It looks like Gail and ODB are going to start things off for us. Gail’s all chit chat and ODB is all boobs and… nope, Gail tags out and they let the boys get to work first. No fair. Gail is, however, on hand to tangle up Joseph Park in the corner so one of the Bromance can get in a hearty little hit to the mid section. Around the eighteen minute mark, Gail gets in some cheap shots on Joseph Park that don’t bode well for her at all. After a mighty slap he loses it and she hightails it out of there. Gail breaks up a pin attempt for the other team, but ODB gets in there too and tosses Gail out onto the ramp. ODB then smothers Robbie E with her boobs, before Jessie falls victim to a series of splashes! The last of which is delivered by the Knockouts champion, ODB, and she then covers him for the three count.

Right after an ad for the countdown to Bound for Glory, we get a nice little treat. That’s right! Lei’D Tapa is coming to Impact, and she can’t come quick enough. I’m so excited for her to breath new life into the Knockouts division, and I think it’d be pretty interesting to see her take on ODB; they’re certainly similar in their build, strength and physicality, so it’s a match I hope they book!

Velvet Sky makes an appearance backstage with her on and off screen boyfriend, Chris Sabin. She looks gorgeous as Chris and Austin Aries discuss get a little riled up while discussing who, generally, had the better title win. Sabin is totally full of it and Velvet isn’t so sure as she looks on.

Velvet accompanied Sabin out to ringside for his X Divison title match against Manik last night. Velvet was really there for her man, cheering him on and feeling the pain when he got hit bad. She plays the managerial role well and I hope this storyline goes somewhere exciting for her. Sabin feigns a knee issue, which takes him outside the ring and to Velvet, who is looking mighty concerned for her man. She starts to help him from ringside, Manik heads out to join them and Sabin uses Velvet as a shield, shoving her right into his opponent and, might I add, into harm’s way! It’s classic, heely and is sure to piss some people off, including Velvet I hope. Oh, his knee is fine btw.

A little later, Manik locks in a submission on Sabin and he claws for the ropes. He gets to Velvet instead, who is dragged into the match and once again used as a shield by Sabin! Not cool, bro. Karma is a bitch, Sabin, and that’s why you got pinned. Oops. Sabin attacks Manik post match and Velvet can’t believe it. She’s shouting at him to stop but does he listen? Oh no, no, no. Aries heads out to make the save and (I’m a broken record) Sabin ditches the ring, but not before putting Velvet in harms way AGAIN!

Brooke makes a second appearance around the fifteen minute mark here, looking and laughing as Bully punishes his Aces and Eights bros. She still looks amaze.

To finish out a night of Knockouts galore, Dixie Carter heads out to the ring to meet AJ and Hulk Hogan, apologizing for her interrupting them. She doesn’t meant to be rude, and she goes on to say that she’s really, sincerely grateful to Hogan for everything he’s done for TNA, and for her. But guess what, he’s just an employee! She then turns her attention to AJ, whom she imitates as she recites his ‘I’m gonna make you get down on your knees and beg’ line from last week. In your dreams, AJ! While Hogan may see potential in the phenomenally marginal one, Dixie on the other hand does not, and so she rips up AJ’s contract! She doesn’t mean to be rude – obviously, look how nice she’s being! – but she wants AJ out of her ring! She yells repeatedly, he gets in her face and she brushes him off with a nice little wave, telling him to just ‘go on, honey.’


Hogan tries to reason with Dixie, but she gets it. She knows the people aren’t happy with her and she knows Hulk doesn’t either. But they don’t understand. How could they? Ninety nine percent of the people out there have never had to live in Dixie’s world. All the decisions, the heart wrenching ones that she has to make? None of them understand. People criticize her, they put her down but they need her. The crowd boos, but Dixie carries on. I got a little distracted by how she’s wobbling in her shoes a little bit, and they aren’t that high… Anyyyyway. Dixie turns to Hogan a final time. She’s not saying what he did was a mistake (that being the contract signing with AJ) but she’d have appreciated it a lot more if he’d run it by her first. But she just wants to know one thing. Is Hulk gonna get in line, is he going to be on Team Dixie? Or is he going to pull and AJ, and sit on the sidelines.

Dixie is giving him one week to make a choice.

So I leave you with this, Knockouts lovers…

Are you #TeamDixie?

Until next week, Eleri out!

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